Eliza: The Dancer Within

Eliza:  The Dancer Within

This next article starts as an email exchange between my soul brother, Eric, who lives in England and me. It is typical of one of our many “conversations” that we have been carrying on for nearly three years. The italicized text is from Eric:

I must admit that I’ve been struggling with a strong influx of energy over the past few days. It expresses itself as a crisis of trust and self-doubt. I’ve been doing what I usually do with stuff like this; letting it be so that it works itself out. I’m not sure how effective a strategy it has been but I have no doubt that the energy has continue to ‘build’, as it were.”

It seems likely that it is simply the energy building until it has enough ‘momentum’ to release – a bit like a pressure valve which can only operate when pressure has built up to the required level. Whatever, it ain’t too comfortable.

“Tell me about it. The energy influx put me in bed. I feel better today. The headache seems to have diminished. And I woke up to another conversation, this time with my higher self, Amariah. As I understand it, the energy is being downloaded in steps so our bodies can slowly adjust to the higher vibrations. Were it all to happen in a moment, as many in the “New Age” community believe, it would kill the body, blow out its sockets as it were. She did explain that as the energy levels (increase in vibration and the planet) ascend(s), there will come a moment when we will meet and blend. (Eliza is a fragment, a part of the soul essence of Amariah, come to the Earth plane in order to re-gather up soul fragments lost in traumatic circumstances and to complete her ascension process.  It is necessary to balance at least 85% of your karma in order to ascend.  Eliza completed that work in 2014 and ascended Home by reblending with Amariah.)

Now I seem to have more access through my mental body to hers and she verified that. I do not have full access, only what I can handle. This is being done with care and compassion, much like you would treat a deep sea diver. Bring him up too fast and he will get the bends and perhaps die. Her love was a wonderful healing balm for me. The reason that I have more access through the mental body and am gaining access through the emotional (astral) body is that those bodies are made up of finer material, less dense than the physical body. The physical body is still being transformed into a crystalline light body… which is a lot different than the heavy carbon-based vehicle that we have had to deal with here. She reminds me, also, that the body belongs to the earth, to the Mother. So we cannot get too far away from the vibration of the earth vehicle or the body would die.

As the earth rises, so shall we and then we will meet the higher world at some magical moment. Even then the vistas will be somewhat muted to allow for the individual to adjust, each in according to their particular needs. As one integrates all the bodies into the Light Body, then the vistas will open up and more will be revealed. A beautiful, gentle process…even though it can be uncomfortable at times while we are still in the third dimension at least part of the time… part of the initiation and crucifixion of spirit in flesh as symbolized by the cross that woman was carrying.” We were discussing, in part, a gold piece of jewelry found by a young English boy in a field recently.

Yep, growing pains. Quite right about popping out of existence if done too fast. Very like decompression. The effect would be akin to opening your space suit whilst on a space walk – a little messy, no?

The analogy of descending into density when we incarnate is spot on. We have to crush ourselves down to fit in a body. It’s a very painful experience, the memory of which is removed for people. Well, most people.

The difficulty with the experience of ascension is that the individual circumstances in our lives which are necessary to ‘open’ us to the ‘right’ energies have to put us in a space where we are ‘weak’. Our resistance to the energies has to be lowered. We have to feel vulnerable in order to open. It’s always partly physical, emotional and psychological. In what proportion depends on the individual. It’s important to try to remember that it isn’t happening as punishment, neither is it due to personal failings in whatever sphere or a lack of fittedness (if tha’s a word) for the process. It’s merely a response to the energies, like shivering is to cold.

What Eric is saying here is that energy is neutral; it is how we react to it that determines our experience.

Here is a beautiful analogy and explanation of ascension and descension by two people, neither of whom would be called scholars in the classical sense (as in paid by the government to lie). We are just two individuals who have worked together through the ages and have come together again, after a fashion, to support each other’s process. As one who consciously walks in both worlds, Eric is one who does remember the descent of his spirit into flesh. As a child, when he woke up to find himself in a pram, he said to himself, “I’m here, again!”

His baby cry is now being echoed throughout the community of lightworkers as we undergo the process of being reborn into spirit. It is a painful process, a living crucifixion as the body undergoes the transformation from heavy, dense carbon-based flesh into a refined crystalline light body. We are experiencing bouts of debilitation, self-doubt, fatigue, dizziness, strong emotional outbursts… the symptoms and manifestations differ between individuals, but the effect is the same. Much of time we tend to doubt our sanity. “What is happening to me?” the confused lightworker cries, “Why am I doing this?”

“We” are doing this so the spirit might return to its rightful home, the fifth dimension and above. However, instead of the usual process of just dropping the physical body, moving the lighter astral and mental bodies onto the nirvana (heaven) plane and then divesting the astral body to take up the light body in the higher dimensional, lower density worlds, we are dragging the physical body along, too. And not just the body, but the entire planet is coming along as well.

Actually, the planet is rising and we are going along with her, those of us whose souls determined on ascension as part of the agenda of this present lifetime. Not everyone is coming along for the ride, but this is a subject best left for another discussion.

I have long wondered about the need of many people in the lightworker community to know the specific date when this or that is to happen. As has been noted in the past by a growing cynicism among some, each date has come and gone without much appearing to manifest in outward change. So, I feel, at least personally, a desire to let go of the need to know. It seems to me that this particular clinging to certain dates as being something that stems from a deep fear, an anxiety that revolves around the need to change.

For some reason, human beings are highly resistant to change. They prefer things to be predictable and dependable. When change threatens they often feel it necessary to first go into denial, a state of cognitive dissonance (it’s not happening!) until the moment when some tragedy or another finally rips a hole in the little bubble surrounding them. Then they have to adapt and often do so magnificently. However, there is no need to wait to the last moment to allow change to come into your world, unless it is something that has been agreed upon by your soul before embodiment, as part of experiencing the All That Is.

Before coming into the body, the light body is vast and encompasses the full range of multidimensionality, with awareness from Source and down. When the soul takes on the assignment of sending a portion of itself into embodiment or a soul extension (think finger extended into a gooey pudding) it is required to jam itself into a tiny body. This is the crucifixion of the spirit in flesh as signified by the ancient symbol of the cross. The more ancient symbol of the ankh symbolizes the eternal life of the soul even as it is crucified on the material plane for the purpose of learning about the All That Is.

Now we who are ascending with the planet are undergoing the process of releasing all the negative things that we have experienced here, and those of others, as well, by transforming these energies into light within our own physical bodies. The body, as it becomes more sensitized by the higher vibrations of light, feels more and so, at times, the process of transfiguration can be quite painful, either emotionally or physically and most often, both.

For that reason it is important for the lightworker to learn to relax into the process. By doing so, you will allow your body to do its work without interference from the egoic mind. By listening within, you will be begin (if you haven’t done already) to receive messages from your higher self. Initially, these messages take the form as intuition, feelings. This is how the soul communicates to those it cannot reach by telepathy or more direct means. Hunches, sudden insights and understandings, a question answered by a dream or even an off-hand remark by someone… the messages can come in many different ways. Do not be overly concerned if you are not receiving telepathic messages at this point, although I would suggest that by relaxing into the process of ascension, you will begin to. Trust in yourself plays deeply in this process. By your self, I mean that inner most part of your being that is the spirit embedded in flesh. Call it your heart or your mind, your heart-mind connection, whatever works for you; it is not the vocabulary that matters or the organizational quality of the process that matters, it is you that matters.

As each of us is a unique focus of god / goddess, we all experience the path of return in a slightly different fashion. Some of us demand great and elaborate explanations, others, myself included, do not. We tend to work in a non-verbal fashion intuitively responding to stimuli, working with hunches, coming to understandings in an indirect fashion. Neither way is good or bad. The individual needs to determine what works best for them, not other people. In effect, ascension is a process of getting to know the self, all of the self, more and more each day. We are presented with the knowing of what we need, at the moment, when we can best handle it. If we are overwhelmed and need a break, our inner mentors will step back for a while.

While I have stated in earlier pieces that I am an ascended master, a more accurate statement would be I am an ascending master or learning to master what comes along in the ascension process. It is not as if I have suddenly developed siddhi, the spiritual tricks that a highly evolved yogi can perform (levitation, materializing objects, puncturing their body without ill effect, living on air, etc.) – I have done none of these things. It is more that I am slowly developing a stronger relationship to my soul family and my many guides. Although I certainly have continuing moments of difficulty when the energies are especially intense like the present 11/11, on the whole I feel more centered and confident than ever. And daily I feel the immense unconditional love and regard of my soul family for my welfare. Each day I feel the heart connection grow. And each day I am better able to understand what is being conveyed to me. Whether or not I can communicate this information into words is an entirely different matter. Our language does not contain the subtleties that can be conveyed in a non-verbal fashion. However, it is still good to attempt to put into some form the communication, whether it be writing, artwork, music, poetry or dance; any form that brings you understanding and joy.

Eric once told me that we came to the third dimension, into polarity, so we might experience what love is not. While we are in the lower, heavy density of 3D, we encounter experiences that are so unlike what is experienced in the lighter worlds that it takes a while to adjust. Some people never do, seeking shelter through addiction or seeking an out by taking their own lives. All these difficult lives and experiences are for a purpose, whether or not our mind wants to accept that fact. The purpose is for god to know god. I have stated this before and will do so again. God / goddess is everywhere, in dark and light, good and evil, in all kinds of duality, whatever can be imagined.

In past cultures, this was understood and the arts of those cultures reflected the people’s understanding of the value of life and death, growth and rebirth. The little dancer for whom I named this article is the heart-soul, the little dancer who treads a dance within our body, echoing the great dance of Kali through the heavens; as above, so below. The heart-soul, or “ab”, in Egyptian teachings is the soul that was weighed before the pharaoh is allowed to enter the spirit world. As we undergo the process of ascension, our heart-soul is being weighed everyday not out of a desire to punish, but to determine at what level we are, how well we are progressing.

There may come a time in the near future when we will be given access to technology that will safely speed up the process of transformation, but until then, our soul is responsible for keeping our bodies alive. We will only be given the knowledge that we are capable of understanding, lest we be shocked out of embodiment. There are some humans who have chosen not to ascend and in this very manner will make a quick exit to whatever level of existence is determined to be suitable for their further development.

You see, in my own words I contradict myself. No one path suits everyone. Each path is individual. Although there are basic similarities gauging your “progress” in the light of someone else’s will only increase your anxiety and self-disgust. Let go, forgive yourself for any perceived lapses and move on, at your own speed. You are loved by your soul in a manner that is hard to conceive of at this point in our development, at least for most of us. It varies greatly from individual to individual. I will say this, in my own experience, as I have learned to trust, my soul has responded. It is a matter of learning to relax and receive, to be willing to listen and learn without judgment (especially self-judgment!) and to follow the path of the heart, while keeping a good sense of balance and common sense along for the ride. Never forget that you still live, at least partially, in a physical world and need to be able to continue to function there.

I am looking forward to life in the fifth dimension, to renewing relationships forgotten while in embodiment and adjusting to the greater freedom and love that exists on that plane. There will continue to be challenges of adjustment, but with the loving help of our celestial and galactic families we will manage. Until that shift finally becomes a reality in my everyday life, I am also quite willing to move, step by step into the higher, lighter densities so that I might incorporate all the changes required to live well.

I made a vow before the Council of Love and the Council of Nine that I would see this planet ascend and with her, the people who chose to ascend during this cycle. I will stay with the planet, her people and all life upon her, until that vow is completed… or until my soul pulls me out for another assignment… Well, it’s always a possibility! Until then, I will see myself as the little dancer, learning afresh to dance with joy and love as I make the journey home, again.

Go with grace, love and joy into the new dawn.

I AM your sister in light and love, Eliza.

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14 thoughts on “Eliza: The Dancer Within

  1. Today’s article really strikes a chord with me, Elizabeth. The higher energies are starting to leave me frustrated with the seemingly slow ascension process for me. I am impatient and want it all done and over with yesterday (lol). I have much more internal work to do . . .Thank you for your words of love, care and concern. Namaste’.


  2. I needed to hear this today as the energies yesterday came in so strongly that they affected those around me and caused them to have conflict while I stayed as centred as I could. Last night my whole body was vibrating while I tried to sleep. ( to learn what love is not struck a cord for me I have said I do not really know what love is within the confines of humanity but I know the love of God and Gaia)Thank you Elizabeth and Eric

  3. Thank you, Elisabeth.

    I have difficulty typing, so strong the energies are. You write so crystal clear what I think and experience too.

    Thank you soooo much. Relieved to hear more people are going through the same!

    Love, Dorine

  4. Elizabeth, nice article. Maybe the reason that some of us like to know the date of ascension is because we are weary of the pain of “transfiguration”. Maybe, the ultra sensitive empaths, like myself, are exhausted from transmuting everything for the whole society while they see people go on partying with life as usual? Maybe some of us have financial problems that only get worse and more stressful as time goes on with nothing changing in the outside world.
    When you said you didn’t understand the fixation of others on a “date” I get the feeling that you might not have any of these pressures 🙂
    Also , when you say that some need “elaborate explanations” but you “do not.” It does sound like you think one is better than the other. So, I didn’t understand why you said that one is “not better than the other.”
    I need to hear other people are going through this process as I am because I am so tired of being alone in this. So, I read these messages , but since the people writing them are still writing from their little 3D perspectives, they are often as upsetting as they are helpful. That’s another reason that I cannot wait till we are ALL OF US UPLIFTED 🙂
    Love to you and all MY Fellow Starseeds!

    • Michael (a fine name, that!) pain is the primary teacher while we live in 3D. The only way to transcend it is to delve into it and then let it go. All energy is neutral, including my words. How you respond to them is your choice and your responsibility. And you are not alone in your struggle. Ever. Blessings.

  5. TY dearly Elisabeth/Amariah for this comprehensive script.

    This tittle `The Heart-Soul; the Little Dancer Within – 11/11/12` in my weary field would not have been as inviting, but my prevailing status quo as well as the recent message from Metatron wrt 2012, 2013, Ascension did the trick – attracted me to your post through the ethers/HS.

    And the inherent resonance – “As the earth rises, so shall we and then we will meet the higher world at some magical moment.“

    My sensitivity to energy shift is on the low side; nevertheless, 11:11:12 rocked the needles of my meter.

    I really loved your interpretation of Eric`s postulation – Energy is neutral hence it all depends on how we dualitize it so to speak.

    Ha ha ha, the Kali dance or Shiva dance by some clans perfectly raps up things – your/our vows are our beacons, what we have so far been missing.

    Happy Diwali to All these lovely souls out here.
    divsy:www.scienceofascension.plogspot.com .

  6. Hi Sister!

    How many will agree with what you wrote about? I do agree, I must, coz I have been going through all these emotional upheavals and torments during last few months. But I have been keenly observing that not everyone is feeling these pangs to the same degree. For some, they have been intense, for others less so and for majority they don’t know what on earth is going on! Does it mean that for those who are being tested intensely, ascension will be much earlier than those who are feeling these waves less intensely? I also remember to have read somewhere that the gates will be closed on 12-21-2012!


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