Eliza: There Are Still Lessons to be Learned

 Eliza: “There Are Still Lessons to Be Learned”

You know that I told myself I wouldn’t write anything tonight. Yes, we know, but we want to try and convey something that is bothering you. You know what it is.

Yes. Although I respect and admire the work of certain individuals, I cannot be a follower of any of them. In doing so, I would be giving away my power. No, I am an autonomous Being, an Ascended Master in my own right. Perhaps I am a member of an Ascension Team, working in higher planes for the freedom of this planet. Perhaps I am a member of a galactic lightship crew. Perhaps I am a member of one or more councils overseeing the ascension of this planet. However, right now, I am embodied and on the planet, one of many voices in the wilderness. And the past two weeks have been hellish for an empath like me. I have felt the fear, anger, grief, and angst of millions past through my bodies, being carried to the light for transmutation and clearing. The passage of this heavy dark energy has brought me nearly to my knees, unable to concentrate at work, snappish and finally brought to tears. I couldn’t write or focus. I would try to write something that would turn into a rant and give it up.

By stating that I am an Ascended Master, I am only reiterating what my guides have told me in the last couple of weeks, including just last night. What they are trying to convey is this: some of the lightworkers, the wayshowers, have reached a high level in the fourth dimension, the Mental Plane. Some of us have even made it to the fifth dimension, all the while being still in physical form. It is a difficult place to be in, very betwixt and between. In daily life, I still have to go to work and “earn” a living, go to the grocery store, exercise, eat, clean out the cat box, mow the lawn, prune the trees and take out the garbage; in short, I have to continue living a normal life while not feeling normal at all. While I sleep at night, I know that I am attending meetings, learning how to live in a lighter frequency, meeting old friends and family, and pursuing various missions focused on moving this planet and her burden, humanity, into the fifth dimension. I wake up in the morning, still exhausted, after colorful and vaguely remembered dreams.

In one dream this morning, I was attending a shooting party. A dove was shot out of the sky. I was told by a man to go fetch it. I went over and gently picked up the bird, which was apparently dead. However, as I picked it up and held it in my hand, the bird came back to life. I looked at it carefully. It was a beautiful little thing, colored in soft tawny hues, with fawn colored wings and a white breast. I handed the now living bird to my sister and went to pick up another bird that was lying on the ground. Again, the bird came alive as I cradled it in my hands.

Later in the same dream, I found myself sitting in a large double lounge chair next to my “sister”. I was in a large, comfortable modern house. The wall coverings and furniture were similar to those of the dove I had saved, muted yet warm neutral tones, grays, browns, cream, and tan. I looked at my sister and smiled, “It’s beautiful.” She smiled back, “Beautiful, but cold.” I replied back, “That it is.” And then woke up.

The woman who was my “sister” in the dream wasn’t anything like one of my blood sisters from this lifetime. She was tall, red-haired, with an ivory complexion and large blue eyes. I would venture to say that she was Pleiadian and one of my guides.

Indeed, beloved one, I am Amariah, your higher self and a part of your greater soul family or monad. I am the Ascended Pleiadian master who assists in guiding you through your intuition and now more consciously through our nightly “chats” and now telepathic messages. You can sense our Presence at any time you choose, just by going within. During the past couple of days, you have been rather shut down and going through a very intense release process, as part of the ongoing mission of the wayshowers and ascension team. As an empath, this has been excruciating in some instances. You have found yourself dealing with emotions and feelings long thought to have been worked on and released. It always surprises you to discover yet another layer to the onion of transmutation. Remember, you do not work for yourself alone; you work for many thousands, even millions of individuals who do not have any idea of your mission or even of your existence. Such is the seemingly thankless job of bringing an entire world and people out of the darkness. You and your fellows are rightfully exhausted by your long and seemingly fruitless efforts, but we tell you know that the sleepy ones of humanity are beginning to wake up. Yes, they are grumpy, disgruntled and angry about the covers of their material security being jerked off of them, but are slowly beginning to realize that resistance to the changes that are coming is futile. The light is coming on, all over the world and it has been a long time in coming, yet an instant in the eternal Now.

Ah, so that’s what has been going on! Well, in part. I have also discovered in myself a reluctance to let go of things that need letting go. In this, I am being very human. It is a process that I must go through, that everyone who follows in this path must go through; letting go of all those things that we cannot take with us into the lighter frequencies of the fifth dimension. The list is long for many of us, relationships that don’t support our growth, jobs, material stuff, beliefs, long-held grudges, insecurities and especially fear.

The fear is coming up for everyone in a rubber suit, i.e., a body, these days. The fear is coming up because the ego knows its time of being in control is at an end. The ego was developed as a protection device to help the soul in a body be protected while navigating through the heavy density of the lower third dimension where most people have been residing for thousands of years. The ego has no function in the unity consciousness that exists in the higher and lighter frequencies of the upper fourth and fifth dimensions. It will no longer even exist in our experience. The ego and the fear it imparted through the body was developed as a natural mechanism, in the “fight or flight” scenario, so an individual would know when to run or fight or do what was necessary to survive. Unfortunately, when the world was plunged into darkness and a lower density, fear became a way to control people’s lives, to manipulate and use them against each other. As we move away from this dualistic type of life, the ego has less to do, so it tries to develop scenarios in the life of each individual that will bring the person into fear or conflict with those around. I found myself falling into just such a pattern this past week with a new co-worker. Fortunately, I recognized the pattern and chose to remove myself until I could find some inner balance and then return to work with a more neutral approach.

I am not saying that it is wrong to experience fear or to express your emotions. I did. It was painful to admit that I was hurting, deeply, but I needed to get it out. And my co-workers were very supportive of my need to have a little time to sort things out. Mainly, I am tired, weary to the bone, from both the inner work and just life in general. At work, we have had to deal with never-ending change. We have lost co-workers to suicide, accidental and natural death, to other jobs and retirement. The momentum of change has been and is exhausting. Then, also this time of the year is difficult for me as I do not respond well to the lessened physical presence of light in the autumn sky. Call it Seasonal Adjustment Disorder or whatever; I do not enjoy the dark, short days of late autumn. And on top of that, is the increasing intensity of the ongoing waves of light battering away at the last vestiges of darkness on this planet. I suppose it is a wonder that I am still standing… or at least sitting here now typing these words.

What I am in the process of understanding through the experience of this past week or so, is that each person is responsible for their own ascension. Although we are ultimately one being, part of the Creator or Source, we experience our lives in a unique fashion. Each of us has a separate point of view while we still exist at least partially in the third dimension. That is part of its essence as a schoolhouse for souls, to teach each one of us what separation feels like so that we might return back and report to our soul family and to our Creator. It is god learning about God. And each of us is a creator of our own world. As such, we are responsible for what happens in our own world and cannot look to another to fight our battles or win our victories. It is about accepting our personal power, being ourselves without shame, being creative in our endeavors, humble and forgiving of our faults, patient with the foibles and misunderstandings of others and unconditional in the acceptance of what our soul presents to us each day as a lesson. For we are constantly being tested; even for “ascended” masters ascension is an ongoing process. It will not magically end when we arrive in the fifth dimension but will continue until all reach the beginning, Source. And that will take a very long time… even if time is not quite the same in the higher realms of being.

Each day is an opportunity granted to us by our soul that governs the existence of the body vehicle in which we reside, to learn about ourselves and about each other. Let us make each remaining moment in the third dimension one that is filled with rich and potent realizations about the value of life, the beauty of this planet and the rare opportunity we have in being here. Yes, we came to do a job and we have succeeded magnificently. Now as the light of the new dawn gathers on the horizon of the consciousness of the sleeping multitudes, let us be also grateful for the opportunity to witness the miracles that will be happening every day from now on. We are miracles. This planet is a miracle. Life is a miracle. Let us be grateful that we can experience it, with this planet and the great diversity of life that she carries. Not many were granted the right to be here now in this magical moment when the light reclaims the planet and lifts her up into a new dawn. I, for one, am grateful to be here now, with all of you.

Blessings and joy,

I AM Eliza and your sister in Light and Love.

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14 thoughts on “Eliza: There Are Still Lessons to be Learned

  1. Reblogged this on What's in a WORLD and commented:
    This is what I was feeling yesterday during our daily crystal connection meditation. It is so wonderful how it all fits together. Before I read this article I was thinking that we are transmuting all the negative into light …. and this article is a confirmation. Thank you so much Elizabeth, love you so much. Also KP and me made a post of what is happening now. Talking about synchronicity. Love Lisa

    • Thank you, Lisa. We each need verification as markers that we are indeed following the path that our soul picked out for ourselves before embodiment. We cannot follow another’s star, but must follow our own heart’s whispers, no matter the appeal of other paths. I had a long session with the Great Divine Director this morning on this very issue. I hope to convey some of his message and that of the Divine Mother, as I understand it, in the next couple of days. Always remember to follow your own heart; it knows the way. Much love and affection to you, my dear sister. Elizabeth

  2. Dear Elizabeth, I feel I have to thank-you in the name of the whole humanity for the great, important and heavy job you’re doing. I wish you could feel all the support that people like me are giving to you. Yesterday morning I woke up absolutly shattered, maybe I’m helping out a little bit too, but I don’t know that.
    Don’t give up, the glorious Victory is getting closer.
    Blessings, Claudio

    • Claudio, I think none of us realize the full extent of the work we are doing at higher levels. Even those who do have more awareness of what is going on cannot remember everything when they return to their bodies. If one completely remembered the experience of being “home”, we could not do our work here. I will expound on this later… Thank you for your support. Elizabeth

  3. Elizabeth, I could just reach in and HUG you! I am so filled with JOY I am singing right now! I knew what was happening to you, and I prayed for you. I have not read your words in their entirety, because my day calls me. BUT, I shall be back! YOU have given me reason to rejoice today! I am so proud of you!!!! You are YOU and you are beautiful! YOU are Master of your life! YES!
    Love and hugs, Amy LOL 🙂

    • PS OH OH OH you don’t know how I look forward to sitting down when I can to read your words! My heart and soul are so happy!!!

  4. Thank you so much for posting this, Elizabeth! And thank you for sharing Amariah with us. This is all so very powerful, and yes, yes, yes!
    I can feel and understand (I think, at least on some level) everything you’re describing, so I reach out to send you a hug and a “hang in there”… You are doing a magnificent job! I live you and am so grateful you’re in my lives. Namaste, dear one.

  5. The “time” for me to actually sit and absorb your words has come. Fear as well for me has been tantamount, in the forefront, until I just became so weary of fighting off the fear, I just let go. I didn’t try to analyze the fear, or give it a name, but rather, just allowed it to come to the surface and leave me. These weeks have been tough, without letup, and those of us who are on a solitary path as I am, feel such gratitude to you, Elizabeth, for putting into words what we are experiencing and at the same time, reassuring us no, we are still sane. Hmmmm……at times I do wonder, though.
    Thank you for again writing. You are so needed and so appreciated! I as your Sister of Light, bow to Thee in great honor. As we work through the process together, we will as you aptly say, see miracles. And even if we don’t right away, we need to feel in our hearts that we ourselves are a miracle, because we are. Beautiful message! Namaste. Amy

  6. Hello Tazjima,

    Your message resonates with my inner feelings. There is light on the horizon and still my heart is filled with so much of negative energies. This is what makes me very nervous.

    There is another noticeable thing which I would like you to say something. Few weeks back, there was a message from council of nine in which they congratulated you for passing the ‘final exam’ successfully. They congratulated you. On this background, your present message came as surprise. Still you are facing a lot of struggle! Why so?

    Love and hugs from your earthly bro. Happy Diwali!

    • Diwali, There is never a “final” exam. Perhaps when I sit with the archangels at the foot of the throne of Creation, then I can feel I am complete. I am a humble human being, merely endowed with a gift that seems to bring light and encouragement to those who exist in dark corners. In this way I am blessed yet I remain a servant of all. This morning I did a meditation with the Divine Mother. Each of us can do this with the one who is holy in our hearts, to bring comfort, love and light to those who need it. As human being I can do this…you can do this with your brothers and sisters in Mother India. See the flames of life burn brightly on all the altars of the heart in the world, even those which have nearly gone out. With this simple means, you bring healing to the world. Your sister, Elizabeth

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