Eliza: On Personal Power & Responsibility

Eliza:  On Personal Power and Responsibility

As has been often the case of late, when I paused to listen, I heard a faint “voice” from within. It was the Council of Nine:

We are here, Eliza.

Me: Why isn’t anything coming through?

Council: You need some rest. It was a trying day for you.

Me: Yes, it was. Sometimes it is difficult for me to hear the stories I get from patients at work. As an empath, I can feel their pain and frustration. I try not to take on their energies but as we are all connected, there is some bleed-through.

Council: We understand. It is formidable undertaking for one such as you to be around individuals who are hurting and seem incapable of finding their way out of their pain.

Me: Yes, there are times I feel rather helpless. Yet, letting these people have someone listen to them for a short time seems to help them.

Council: Be careful what you take on. There are limitations to your current role and you are not here to cure these individuals.

(At this point, having helped me start to write, the Council went quiet; tonight was not the time for another channel.)

I understand; I cannot take on their karma. These individuals, who have gotten themselves into trouble, will have to work through their own issues, in their own time. I am not here to be their savior or to take on their suffering, for that kind of act on my part is denying these people the right to eventually regain their self-respect, power and autonomy. The whole idea of someone “saving” another human being repulses me. It is something that occurs far too often in our society. People expect someone who seems to have it all together to save them the effort of arriving in the same place. There is a belief in entitlement, i.e., I deserve this… although I’m not willing to put forth the effort to get “it” (whatever that might be) so you need to just give it to me. People look to others to solve their problems. It just doesn’t work. Each person needs to be responsible for themselves and their own spiritual development.

It doesn’t mean that you cannot work with others together. Groups of like-thinking individuals can be very supporting, but I have also discovered the existence of “group-think” that tends to build up in these groups, as well. It is almost like humans want to act like a herd. They tend to feel more comfortable when everyone does things in a similar manner. If you don’t, you stick out and can be subjected to ridicule or just plain shunned.

The Piscean Age is finishing up; there is an overlap in energies as we move gradually into the Aquarian Age. In Pisces, teachers and gurus were the way for many people to approach spiritual development. Now that the human race is approaching adulthood, individuals need to take on their own spiritual development, by reconnecting with their inner guides and Higher Self. It is not the time to look for outer saviors, whether another human being, galactic being or even an ascended master, to save you from doing the needed work in order to approach ascension. As for myself, I am still as imperfect as anyone and will be the first to admit it. I am not an expert on relationships and have spent many years living alone. I have chosen to do so because I feel more comfortable on my own. My choices might seem extremely selfish to other people, but the choices that I have made have served me well. I have grown in strength and have learned a great deal about myself and how I approach life. In short, I have come into an acceptance of my own idiosyncrasies and individuality. I can now see certain patterns in my life that have led me to where I am today. I do not have all the answers for those who come to me with questions. I can answer some, but I would prefer people, especially my readers, to learn to become independent in their search, to use their own initiative and creativity to solve their own problems.

What advice I can give and do so willingly, is to learn to look beyond the expected. If you have a particular dilemma that is ongoing in your life, there is a lesson there to be learned. And the answers are also there, all around you. Until you learn to look for the answers to your dilemma, the pattern will repeat itself, until you notice it and do something to change your behavior and thinking, but particularly how you react to the “problem”; for ultimately, every problem is an opportunity for growth; and through growth, your soul gains in experience and wisdom. No amount of reading from books, listening to lectures, taking advice from teachers and friends can act as a substitute for personal experience and dealing with issues in your own way and in your own time. Friends and teachers can point out things, but unless you are willing to listen, nothing is going to change. I’ve been in this situation myself so I do know what I am talking about, but not everyone is willing to accept that everything that happens in their lives is their responsibility.

Everything that comes your way in life is an opportunity, not a problem. How you see the opportunity will affect your future. If you choose to ignore, it may repeat or reappear in another form. Until you learn the lesson involved you will be fated to repeat it; such is universal law. What you resist will persist.

I used to look have a man in my life. After all, it was expected that any mature adult would want a companion with whom to share life’s adventures. Admittedly it sounds like a good idea, but I found, due to my dedication to my personal inner journey, that letting go of that expectation for now was the best thing for me. I have moved forward rapidly having freed up the inner frustration and desire to be saved by having someone else in my life. I wouldn’t have the time to do this writing if I lived with someone else, as in most creative ventures, writing is a solitary experience. One must have time to concentrate and allow the words to flow. That won’t happen if your mate expects dinner on the table at such and such time, and oh by the way, John and Roger are coming over to watch football… No, to write efficiently, I need peace, quiet and freedom from a schedule involving another person. It doesn’t mean that the direction of my life won’t change and at some point in the future include another, but I have no expectation of that occurring right now. It doesn’t concern me anymore.

What I want to be for other people is an example, not a teacher or a savior. It may be that I do take on the role of teacher at some time in the future, but it is not yet time for that. After all, I’m still learning… although as I write these words, I remember that a good teacher is also always learning. What I will stress is to learn to not give your power away to anybody, whether it is a spouse, a family member, a teacher, a doctor… anyone. Each individual on this planet needs to come into an awareness of their value and personal worth as a human being. So many have been abused and suppressed for so long, they have no idea that they are even worthy of love. I have seen and spoken to individuals who have been completely written off by the rest of society; they are like wounded animals that have lost touch with their humanity and have, in some instances, become very parnoid and distrustful. There are many wounded people in our culture, including those who most consider to be rich and famous. Material wealth does not grant one access to loving tenderness and self-respect. Just look carefully at the faces of some of the wealthiest individuals on the planet – do they look happy or are they just determined to hold onto what they believe is theirs and deny everyone else the right to experience peace, prosperity and abundance. No, these individuals sometimes have haunted eyes, flaccid skin and strained faces – they are afraid.

It is not my place to personally assist each of the wounded ones. Along with other wayshowers, I am setting an energetic pathway for assist them when they are ready to move forward under their own power. I cannot and will not do the work for them. I can help hold the gate of ascension open for a while, but the moment of transition swiftly approaches. Those who remain behind will come later, in their own time, following the path set out for them by those who have gone on before.

Tonight, I watched a few short news videos about the losses after Hurricane Sandy. The great storm did quite a lot of damage to the towns along the Jersey Shore where she first came on shore. This is what hurricanes do; they bring rain, wind, tidal surges, sand and debris on shore wherever they make land. So why do people insist on building along low-lying sandy shorelines? It seems a recipe for ultimate disaster. It may take 30 years, but sooner or later, a huge storm will come and rearrange everything in its path and not to the suiting of the human recipients of the storm’s wrath. It happened in New Orleans, which still sits below sea level in many neighborhoods. And it has happened along the Florida and Gulf coastlines as well as further north in the Carolinas, Georgia and parts of Virginia through the years. What is important to realize that in placing your house or business within a low-lying area of a coastline, you are making a decision that may put yourself, your family, property and your livelihood in a potentially perilous situation. Yet people expect the government to bail them out, to give them the money to replace the lost home or business in the same area, which will still be vulnerable to another storm. In my eyes, this is not accepting personal responsibility for a personal decision. I feel the same way about living next to a creek or river with the potential of flooding, a hillside with the potential of sliding or whatever. It doesn’t mean I can remove every potential for disaster from my life, as I live in an area that periodically experiences earthquakes and sometimes powerful wind storms, but I accept my responsibility in being here.

Our modern way of life has damaged the ecosystem of our planet. We are responsible for how the planet is behaving now or at least we have contributed to the problems that exist. So, as the planet undergoes her cleansing, we need to learn to adapt, use critical thinking in making decisions on where to live and learn to live more lightly on the land. The planet is going through her cleansing like we are our own, releasing toxins that have built up through the ages. Her cleansing involves natural “disasters” that have and will continue to impact human existence, including fire, flood, storm, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. Just where you park yourself in the coming days and months will determine how much impact these cleansing actions will make on your life, because it will vary from location to location. Listen well, listen within and think hard about the decisions you make and then claim them and any consequences that come your way as a further opportunity for learning and growth.

I will stop here for tonight – I get up early for work – and will continue on with another post tomorrow or the next day. Thanks for stopping by to read this and my other work.

Blessings and joy to all,

I AM Eliza

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14 thoughts on “Eliza: On Personal Power & Responsibility

    • Yes, unfortunately not too many people want to hear them, LOL, but it needs to be said nonetheless. I not writing to win a popularity contest! And it’s so good to hear from you, my dear. I hope you and Jason are settling well into your new abode. Blessings, Elizabeth

      • Ah, thank you, Elizabeth! And all of the other comments resonate very deeply with me, too! What a living, insightful, respectful family!

        I feel like I’m coming out of a bit of a shell… Perhaps that’s a sign that I am *almost* settled in here in Pagosa… 😉 Now seems to be a time for reaching out more, and grounding more relationships here into this “space” with me.

        My goal for this weekend is to spend some more time connecting, so I look forward to reading more with you!

        Heartfelt namaste,

  1. Very well said, Elizabeth, it couldn’t have been clearer and you are perfectly right. It would be too easy having your homeworks done by your teacher!
    I also like the fact that you share some bit of your life with us. It’s always very comforting.
    Years ago I was searching for a master, then I discovered the I AM PRESENCE books and I understood the Master was inside me. Unfortunately I cannot hear His voice, yet, but I follow and trust my intuition very much.
    I’m so glad I have been driven to your path of Light. It’s doing a lot for such an isolated spark like me.

    • Ah, Claudio, you’re never alone even though it feels like it (and I know the feeling!). Once I started writing a lot of the loneliness dissipated. Odd thing about it, I now feel more connected to all of you “out there” because you’re “in here”, too… if that makes any sense. With some patience and observance, you may be surprised to discover your inner gifts opening up, especially as the energies get higher and higher. Many blessings on your path, dear one. Love, Elizabeth

      • Thank you very much for your kind words. You must be very special to find the energy and the time to answer everybody. I know I need patience, but I’m desperate to get in cotact with my Presence. Maybe I don’t deserve it. Yet.
        Thanks again and all the blessing for you.

  2. (Hi Leslee and Jason!)

    Elizabeth, there is nothing wrong with speaking the truth. What people do in these cases makes no sense. When we are given the grace of empathy it can be difficult not to want to do everything we can to help, but I agree that it can be a fine line between encouraging personal growth and assisting someone to make the same mistakes over and over again. The only solution, after fair warning, is to simply not give any more energy to that which no longer serves – even if it hurts to do so.

  3. Elizabeth, whenever I come by to read your words, it feels as though I have come to a “sister’s” dwelling place. You write so elegantly and with such grace, always with Truth. I couldn’t agree with you more, that there is nothing more empowering then “saving” yourself. The only way that is going to happen is to go within, just as you say here, in order for the Light to shine forth. We have no other responsibility then to our own self, in regards to the “saving business”. Again, you and I walk in similar shoes, and I bow to Thee, for I know the challenge to not shoulder another’s “saving business”. It’s truly tough sometimes to know where to draw the line, and line there is!

    Ascension, bringing oneself to the Light, to Inner Source, begins with self, and ending with the merging to Self.

    I applaud you for the Truth you express once again in your words. I find myself holding my breath, as I read your creations for the beauty I behold!

    Amy (((HUGS))) 2 Elizabeth

      • L O N G week here too. So glad we seem to be through the worst of it!

        I noticed on your photograph an area that is “blurred” which to me when I see this on mine, means the photographer (you) picked up something….a faerie perhaps? An energy portal? Very cool! Doesn’t surprise me! LOL Your pics are awesome!

      • I was walking in the rain. It’s a wee drop of water on the lens. No entry portal in that lovely tree, although it’s certainly possible one exists in that park… a very special place in my town. The photos of the roses were taken there, also. Thanks for the compliment. I find photography has become a passion. I walk down the street and “see” things that would fit in a photo. And I automatically “frame” things up. I think there is another gift unfolding for me… Blessings and thanks again. Elizabeth

  4. Hello, Elizabeth and Friends in Spirit (I mean my human compatriots in this group, as well as our Spirit Friends who are with us always) Thank you for another beautiful piece. I agree with everything you say, and am embodying it myself, living alone in NYC, and finding that my solace also provides my inspiration. I love channeling and have received many beautiful and much needed messages over the years, but about a year ago I stopped regularly seeking outside classes/groups/meetings. For four years I have run my own guided meditation/psychic development group in my home, though even that is on hold now as I cloister and transform.

    I realize I am achieving communion now with My Self, as I believe we are all destined to do in divine right timing. I have read that we should live away from the coast (I can’t wait to get out of NYC, where I’ve lived my whole life) and 200 feet above sea level for optimum safety. For those who are interested, I wrote a light piece about my experience of hurricane sandy on my blog, Raving Violet. Blessings to all. Valerie

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