Q & A Session with my Higher Self, Amariah Kumara

Who am I?

You have asked the perennial question of humanity; you are Eliza, a lightworker, a starseed and a wayshower.

Are you my Higher Self?


What are your origins?

Pleiadian and Venusian.

So I have ties with the Pleiades and to Venus?


In what dimension do you reside?

I reside primarily in the sixth dimension, but can communicate on levels much higher. Our dimensions do not exactly correspond to ideas held by incarnated individuals, however. We move through the various layers of awareness with far more ease than you would give credit.

To whom am I talking to right now?

Your higher self.

Do you have a name?

Yes. In your language it would be close to the middle section of your spiritual name: Amariah.

Are you Kumara?

Do you mean was I one of the 144,000 souls who accompanied Sanat Kumara to Earth to save the planet many thousands of years ago? Yes.

Are you one of the seven Holy Kumaras?


What is my current role as a lightworker?

Since you were informed that you have reached the level of vibration where you can ascend, you have now become a gatekeeper. You are, in effect, one of those who are holding the door of Ascension open for those who are in the process of waking up, as well as lightworkers who are just now coming online with their missions. Not all lightworkers are even aware consciously that they are involved in the process of ascension, so it is bit of a jolt to suddenly wake up and realize that almost overnight you’ve become a different person. Your job, through your writings, is to let these people know that it’s okay; someone has walked on the path before them and has marked the way energetically.

Why do I feel betrayed today?

You were expecting to find a way out of this world by becoming one with me. It doesn’t happen that way. You have a job and need to finish it. Leaving now would create a great gap in the shield wall that has been erected around the lightworkers.

So, I’m just having a fit of pique?

You have been experiencing particularly difficult energies to assimilate the past week or so. And the messages have seemed to have dried up, again.

What is going on?

We are allowing you the space to reconsider your dedication to the process of channeling. You do have doubts as to whether or not the entities that you have connected with are entirely benevolent and whether or not the messages given are really benefiting anyone, including yourself.

But we are communicating right now?

Of course, you have been channeling me for quite a long time. I am not a figment of your imagination or a facet of your egoic mind.

What can I say to Christians about the process of channeling?

That the Word of God never ceases to be spoken, just because some person or council decided that only certain books would be placed into an edition and called a “Holy Bible”. The Word of God is a continually dynamic interaction between each individual and the God Self within. Every person, whether or not she / he is actively listening, is being spoken to at every moment of the day, encouraged and taught those things they must learn in order to grow in light and beauty. The Word of God is not something that you can turn off and say, “There is no more; we have it all,” for that would mean that everything in the world is now static and unchangeable. By merely sweeping a glance at the news headlines will tell you that the earth and its inhabitants are hardly static; change is the only constant in life and so the Word of God expands and changes to accompany that piece of music.

How long have I been embodied on this planet?

You are a soul extension of me. You first embodied after Atlantis was set up as a colony. I have never taken incarnation on the planet, myself, but lived in the higher light dimensions that exist just above the astral plane of your world, the lower mental plane or the equivalent of one dimensional step above your heaven world.

Did you live in the famed city of Shamballa?


Does Shamballa still exist?

Yes, it does. It is one of the crystal cities of your world and still extant in the regions above the Gobi Desert of China.

Are you currently a member of a galactic light ship crew?

No. I reside on Venus and am a member of one of the many types of councils that are currently overseeing the ascension of Earth.

Are you a member of the Pleiadian Council of Nine?


What council are you a member of right now?

The Council of Love for one. The COL encompasses a great many types of individuals and star nations, as well as celestials and ascended masters. It is quite a large council and acts as a collective in its decision-making.

Are you an Ascended Master?

Yes, but I ascended from the Pleiadian star nation, not Earth, so I am not one of the members of the Great White Brotherhood, which is another gathering of individuals who have ascended specifically from your planet.

A while back I asked who sent me to earth and received back the reply, “The Council of Nine.”

The Council oversees some of the daily operations of the ascension process. As a soul fragment of an ascended master, you were deemed a good addition to anchor the light on the planet along with all the other starseeds and celestials who responded to Gaia’s plea for help in the 1940’s. I have also worked on several similar projects before and had a good working knowledge of some of the difficulties that might be encountered by our ground crew, including you.

Did you imagine just how difficult it would be to penetrate the darkness that existed in the time just after World War II?

It was quite daunting to feel, through our connection; despair and fear enter your precious young body. You almost left the planet a couple of times before reaching your tenth birthday, you know.

Yes, I nearly died of “blue baby syndrome,” and then, when I was seven, came down with strep throat for six weeks. Even as an adult, I nearly left the planet when I contracted the influenza that left me with symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome, or what has become to be known as “ascension flu” among lightworkers.

Yes, the present undertaking has been quite lengthy and involved. There have been many changes to the original plans, but all seems to be working now, despite appearances in the world around you. We can feel the shift in consciousness taking place within many individuals, but it will take a while in linear time for these changes to become apparent in the everyday life of people, especially in those areas of greatest density of darkness to overcome. Change is occurring now at the level of the heart. People are waking up daily to the realization that war is not the answer to finding world peace; that conflict doesn’t resolve issues, only confuses and magnifies them. People are beginning to understand that they have to be the change in their lives; no one else can do it for them.

There are many lightworkers who are dealing with a lot of their own drama.

Yes, we see it on a daily basis. It is an issue that we discuss quite frequently in our council meetings. How can we reach the unawakened, if the lightworkers are losing heart for the continuance of the effort?

My father always told us that it is darkest just before dawn. I didn’t find that saying to be quite true, as the sky does light up long before the sun rises above the horizon, but I sense the meaning of the words.

Yes, just when all seems lost, that things are never going to change, there will suddenly there will come a ray of light into one’s world. Then everything changes and the real work begins. We need the lightworkers to work now, to do the work that they came here to do, not sit writing cute notes to each other on their cellphones. We need them to be willing to get their hands dirty, to transmute the energies now flowing through their bodies, to do the meditations, to have the intent to bring change into the world through changing their own outlook on life. We need them to be willing to open their hearts to those who are forgotten, lost and damaged by the vicissitudes and difficulties of living in an intensely polarized version of 3D. Some lightworkers have lost their way in the jungles of materialism and have forgotten what is really important in life, growth and change. Also, there are some lightworkers who would like nothing better than to leave the planet. You, yourself, have felt this energy sometimes of late.

Yes, I have. We’re all very tired here. There have been few breaks and the energies keep intensifying almost on a daily basis. A certain amount of battle fatigue is fairly evident in the attitudes of some lightworkers. And I have personally noticed a great amount of cynicism being directed at those lightworkers who have been channeling for quite a while. Criticism is also being directed towards individuals who have been identified by various messages as being workers of light, almost like some lightworkers have become agents of the dark forces.

Ah, they are still projecting their anger, inner frustrations and perceived lack of progress out upon others; an old trick of the egoic mind. If these disenchanted lightworkers would only take a moment to see what they are doing by perpetrating old arguments against other lightworkers then they would realize that they are, in fact, being quite foolish. They are doing exactly what the dark forces have done for so long, seeking to sow disorder and confusion among the ranks of the lightworkers. When you perceive this energy in messages, what do you do?

I stop reading them right off. Then I check with my heart if the energy resonates with me. If not, I stop reading the messages from these individuals altogether. I actually don’t read too many other works by various channelers. There are a relative few that I truly resonate with and even then, the energy can change with time into something that I am not quite comfortable with.

So, what is one to do?

Listen within. Test the spirits, always. Meditate or at least center in your heart at least once a day, either early in the morning or just before going to bed. Be grateful for what you have; release what is beyond your needs.

Simple things, but something that everyone can do even if they have not received any formal metaphysical training.

Indeed. These are things that I have picked up and kept through the years. Personally, I am not one who enjoys great lengthy rituals, chants or candles. I’ve done that sort of thing in other lifetimes, but choose not to do so in this one. Keep it simple and then you have few excuses to do the work.

So, do you feel better now? You feel like we have strengthened our connection through this communication.

Yes, very much so.

Then, encourage your readers to seek ways to connect with their own Higher Selves. It is not something that is beyond anyone. Trust, dedication and faith, a willingness to accept change and a certain flexibility of mind is all it takes to open up to the higher levels of your own being. We are truly One.

Go with my love.

I AM Amariah Kumara.

Post Script:  Eliza found out in 2014 that she was actually a ‘walk-in’, a higher dimensional soul who agreed to send a fragment of her soul essence into the third dimensional Earth plane to assist with the ascension of the planet, to regather soul fragments lost due to trauma in previous lifetimes and to complete her own ascension.  She did not incarnate on Earth through the birth process but entered into an already existent body vehicle through a soul agreement with the original occupant.  Tazjma Amariah Kumara VaCoupe Dino ascended home in part in 2014 and then completed her walk-out in the Spring of 2017.

Copyright © 2012-19 by Eliza Ayres. All Rights Reserved. Permission is given to copy and distribute this material, provided the content is copied in its entirety and unaltered from its original written form, is distributed freely, and this copyright notice and links are included. https://bluedragonjournal.com/

9 thoughts on “Q & A Session with my Higher Self, Amariah Kumara

  1. Thank you for sharing this information with the light workers/Starseeds ! every bit helps us to go on . Love and light dear sister !

  2. I “found” your postings on a website and have been reading your posts for the last few months. I resonate with your writings and appreciate your willingness to share with all of us. I feel exhausted and lost lately as I process the energies and I was losing my passion for life.I like you, wanted to leave the planet, too tired to feel that I have much else to give. But I do remember that I volunteered for this and will continue to be of service when called upon. You are certainly being of service and I am grateful for you!

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