Eliza: A Window of Opportunity

Eliza: A Window of Opportunity

This past week, I’ve been hit with tremendous floods of energetic waves of light. Have you felt it, too? It was challenging to get through the work day and then go home to do more chores, just to keep myself and my pets fed. Every night I have had to go to bed early, perhaps because I was needed elsewhere? Don’t know. I don’t have the insights and visions that some others have or the lucid dreaming. I do dream and intensely. And my dreams have changed lately in their quality. I am meeting old and new friends, relatives and doing strange things.

This morning I dreamt that I was walking outside of my grandmother’s house, only the house was perched on the side of a hill, not unlike the place where I used to live as a child. And our old neighbor’s house was gone. All that was left was a huge, steep garden. I was dressed in a long floral dress and moving quite easily, almost dancing. I started back to the house; the way steepened until I was climbing, still in a dress. Still I persisted until I came to a ledge outside of a window. I could hear my next-door neighbors (yes, there was suddenly a house there) making a running commentary on my progress up the slope. As I got nearer to the window, their little girl gasped. My feet were slipping. I found purchase on a few nails that protruded from the rockwork, but then the nail head broke beneath the weight of my lightly shod foot. Still I hung on and managed to open the window, but it looked too small for me to climb through. Still there wasn’t any other place to go. I couldn’t turn back, so I went forward enlarging the opening as I pushed through. Then finally, I managed to climb through the window and was home, again.

One could see this dream as being symbolic of our struggle to reach ascension. Although there were times earlier on the path where I could have turned back and returned to a “normal” life, I never wavered. Something within urged me to climb higher and so I went, even dressed in an impractical dress. So, I persisted and have finally made it to the window, perhaps the gate of Ascension that some channelers are speaking of these days.

My role seems to be changing. From anchoring the light upon the planet, I have seemed to move now into the role of a gatekeeper or certainly a cheerleader for those who are now waking up. However humble my state in the world, I am growing in my inner awareness of my true Being and it is vast, vaster than I could ever imagine. Nightly I have etheric visitors who wish to chat with me, angelic beings, light beings, sometimes my Twin Flame, the Divine Mother… all seeking to answer my questions. What every one of them has told me is to continue to seek within, to open the Heart, to focus on the Oneness of all humanity. As I work with the energies before falling off to sleep, I feel the great warmth in my heart chakra as my awareness opens up, seeking to flood first my body, then my surroundings and eventually the entire planet with the love that I feel emanating from the center of my heart. It is difficult to put this into words, but it feels like a beautiful web of Light and Love is being constructed, has been constructed and is coming online as each person opens to it.

Ascension is both an individual and communal (as in community of the planet) process. We are all in this together. Whether or not we choose to ascend is up to each individual. In resisting the lure of ascension, one is merely signaling that they do not feel ready to take the next step out of the experience of polarity. These people will be cared for; this has been made clear through the messages given out by the galactics, angelic beings and ascended masters. No one is denied the exercise of their free will. I do know, however, that I have chosen ascension. I chose ascension before ever I came to incarnate in this lifetime. It has come increasingly to my awareness that I have been doing this kind of work, light-working, for many embodiments upon this planet, in many cultures and races. Each of us must come to our own decision, whether to remain in 3D to continue to experience polarity at the appropriate level of soul development, to leave the body to go to the astral plane for further teaching or to move into the fifth dimension, where new lessons will be undergone.

About a month ago, I was blessed with, for me, an unusual dream. In it I approached a beautiful young couple, man and woman. I noticed right away that they had the outer appearance of Hindu gods, rather like the paintings of Shiva and his Shakti, Parvati. Whoever they were, the two beings were quite beautiful. I felt entirely calm in their presence, interested and just a slightly bit puzzled. Why would I be so blessed as to receive this dream / vision? The answer came simply because you were / are open to receiving an image of your Father / Mother God. Now, as one who has emerged from a Protestant Christian upbringing, who has studied metaphysics and the Goddess religion, I have little knowledge of Hindu gods, yet I recognized them immediately. One does not walk through Asian art museums in San Francisco and Seattle without seeing at least one or more statues or paintings of these beautiful beings. It was my feeling that I was given this particular dream image simply because I had no expectations of becoming suddenly a devotee of Shiva, but that I would recognize the universality of the images given, as representing just one face of Divinity as well as one of the oldest living religions as has been given forth for humanity. And the goddess was very kind, handing me a little treat to eat. There were no words from the couple, just some comments from me on the beautiful arts of India as I looked upon their intricate costumes and the little sculpture that lay on a table beside the goddess. It was large, shaped like a lingam stone, and decorated in an intricate design by tiny colored beads. The goddess handed me a little sack of seeds to eat, which I did gladly. Perhaps someone more conversant in Hindu ways could interpret the dream for me. I just know that I woke up with the most pleasant feelings of being loved, as a child does when it knows it is loved. For me, it is interesting that these ties to Mother India would emerge, as I have discovered that both the Great Divine Director and my Twin Flame have ties to that wonderful, ancient and complicated culture.

No matter what culture or race you have been born into, our planet is made up of individuals who are connected from within. We are the nodes on the intersecting web of light; we are the holders of the Flame of life; we are a community of Life, here and now, coming into an awareness that we are One with our Divinity, greater than we seem, and worthy of love and respect. Each of us is a jewel of light or a facet of the jewel that makes up the wholeness of humanity. And with us are those who are our family, from the galactic and intergalactic star nations, as well as angelic beings and ascended masters.

If you look at the great picture another way, we are all ascended masters who have decided to wake up, again, to take up our mantles and continue our work in another field. The work will not end with ascension of the planet; it will continue in other places and spheres and within each of us. And those who chose not to ascend at this time will come later, in their own time without judgment. They, too, will be greeted with joy.

I understand that many lightworkers are currently experiencing anxiety and doubt over the reality of ascension, simply because it appears that few changes have occurred in their outer existence. Wars, political turmoil, disease, natural and manmade disasters still continue across the face of the planet. In no place does it appear that peace has broken out, yet, we tell you (I’m channeling this now, folks!) it has. Peace has broken out in the hearts of man, woman and child. People who have been in disagreement with one another are either reaching out with open hands to grasp their former enemy’s hand or are moving on, simply leaving the point of confrontation, the bone of contention. Some people have realized that to continue to lash out at the ills of the world serves no purpose but to keep negativity and fear alive; so they determine to leave it all behind. Others work behind the scenes, moving and changing what they can within their area of expertise, waiting for the right moment when the changes can be finally aired before the eyes of the world, when finally it is “safe” to do so. Still others, brave ones, are speaking out, moved by what is in their hearts, aligning with other people in their communities and joining together, after the manner of Gandhi and Martin Luther King, to act in unity with their neighbors through symbolic gestures of peaceful, non-violent resistance.

Yes, some people are still getting killed and injured; yes, wars still continue; yes, there are political factions who still wish to foment certain parties in order that a new world war might start – Yet, we tell you now, they will not succeed. Peace is emerging in this world. Peace is emerging through the hearts of individuals, who work without acknowledgement, but who have taken upon themselves to increase the light quotient upon this planet to the point of no return. And that point has been reached. Ascension will take place. The fate of Atlantis and Lemuria will not be ours. We will go forward into the light those who choose to do so at this time and will leave a path for those who come along later to follow.

A window of opportunity has emerged for those who are still indecisive, who are experiencing doubt or even fear. Decide now whether or not it is time for you to move on. It is an individual decision and one that only you can make. And what you decide will be supported by the extremely intense light being focused upon our planet during these final months until the shift takes place. Each of us has an opportunity to finalize our cleaning our closets, releasing our fears and strengthening our connection to our Higher Selves. Each of us has an opportunity to be more than we are now, to open up to the endless possibilities that ascension can offer. Each of us has the opportunity to learn to trust and to be willing to learn to be patient and listen. For ascension is on a “need to know” basis; you learn what you need to know in the moment you need to know it. Learning to trust is an implicit part of the process, as I am learning to trust that something will emerge from my fingers when I sit down to the keyboard!

For many people this is a way of existence in complete opposition to the way they have approached their daily lives, with planning and mapping out their entire career and life plan. For these individuals, they are discovering the old ways are no longer working. There are too many interruptions, life has become too unpredictable. Those who have had fabulous, well-paying careers are suddenly finding themselves out on the street looking for another job, losing their house and possessions, seemingly without hope. There is hope; there is always hope, but sometimes one needs to look within rather than to attempt to discover the answers outside of one; sometimes the answer comes in a moment of clarity, a few words in a book or song, in the warm smile of a complete stranger. Sometimes the insight on what your next step should be will come upon waking or in a moment spent alone, perhaps even while taking a shower or walking the dog. The answers will come if you give them an opportunity. Open your mind and heart to possibilities, they will be there.

And open your heart to your unseen helpers or those who wish to be your assistants, the angelic beings. They wait upon your word and intent for they are respecters of universal law; they cannot interfere where they are not wanted. Eagerly they await your permission to assist. Sometimes their assistance will be simply to “lighten” your mood so you can relax enough to be able to receive new ideas. Sometimes their assistance will take more substantial form, but always it will be only within the ability of you to accept their help. I have worked consciously with angelic beings since I was a teenager. They have been there for me; they will be there for you.

Now is the time. There is only the now. Time is passing faster each day. Soon there will be no time. Soon we will learn how to play with time, to understand cycles and how time acts in spirals and circles, how to slow it down and speed it up according to our individual need. Now we are living through the last days of linear time and are emerging into a planetary awareness of multidimensionality. We exist in all planes, all times and all places. I realize that these are concepts that are difficult for some people to understand, but approach it from a right-hemisphere point of view. For example, an experienced painter will see a painting as it is complete while staring at the pristine white of a new canvas. He sees the painting as it is, as it will be, as it exists in his mind’s eye or imagination (“I image in”). His imagination then leads his hands and fingers to create on the canvas what exists in his mind. And the painting comes to life. Mind you, this kind of work takes a lifetime to perfect, even life times, but always it is done with the use of imagination and the seeming suspension of time as you work. In music, it is said that Mozart heard the tunes that he wrote down, note by note, complete and without changing to become the masterpieces that he is known and revered for; truly a master. How does one become a master? By being the master. Seeing it as a possibility in your life and then dedicating your every waking (and sometimes sleeping) moment to that task.

This is what we must do for ascension. Dedicate ourselves to becoming the masters we are within. Dedicate ourselves to bringing that master within out into the world. This will only happen for those who are unafraid of criticism and who release fear and doubt from their worlds. And now is the time of opportunity to gain a great thrust of momentum towards your goal as your efforts are being supported on every level by the cosmic light that is being beamed upon this planet. Even if it appears that your efforts are not manifesting in your outer world, release the anxiety, turn within and listen. Learn to trust. Learn to have faith that change will occur in your world when you are ready to deal with it, when you are ready to be it.

It is interesting that this article has emerged both as a channeling piece and an individual effort on my own. It shows that there is beginning to be a true blending of both our worldly and divine natures. If it is possible for me to experience this, it is possible for you. We are all one at the core of our beings. Each of us has something beautiful to offer to the world even if it is simply by being here. All of us are loved and treasured by our Creator. I have felt that love and have experienced it when I have needed it; when I have called out for assistance and guidance, it has been there. It just takes a willingness to believe that you truly deserve and are worthy to receive love and guidance. Our heavenly and galactic families wait patiently for us to recognize that we are greater than we seem; that we are truly gods as dear Master Jesus told his followers so long ago.

Ascension, for each of us, is truly an opportunity, an act of trust and an individual act of dedication. In the remaining minutes, hours and months, we will all experience moments of doubt and hesitation. When those moments occur, we have the choice whether to go on or to drop back. Our decisions are honored; free will reigns on this planet of choice. I do know that I will confront my fears, examine them closely and then let them go. Fear can no longer dominate my life. I follow, most humbly, in the footsteps of those who have gone before me. I will walk into the light with open eyes and an open heart. I hope to greet you all when I get there.

Many blessings of love and joy accompany you on your path whenever it takes you!

I AM Elizabeth

Copyright © 2012 by Elizabeth Ayres Escher. All Rights Reserved. Permission is given to copy and distribute this material, provided the content is copied in its entirety and unaltered, is distributed freely, and this copyright notice and links are included. https://bluedragonjournal.com/

9 thoughts on “Eliza: A Window of Opportunity

  1. What glorious, life-giving words, words that are music to my Soul! I see your words Dancing in the Dance of Life itself, weaving a golden-ness throughout All That Is! Thank you!

    • Oh, Amy! Thank you. Your kind words bring tears of joy to my eyes and gratitude to my heart. Lovingly, Elizabeth

      P.S. Maybe I’ll have a place to wear that dress — in the Dance of Life!

  2. Curious comment. I merely mentioned the “hits” simply because I have never blogged before. It is just interesting that anyone would be reading my stuff. As to my purpose, it will be revealed as I proceed. Respectfully, Elizabeth

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