Eliza: About Channeling and Other Thoughts


About Channeling and Other Thoughts

by Eliza Ayres

Over three months have passed since I received the first message from the Galactic Light Ship, Tulya. And slightly less than three months have passed since I first started this blog. The response I have received has been more than I could have imagined or hoped for when I first started out. Thanks to all my readers – old and new!

Now, in the course of this new adventure, I have received some interesting comments and responses on occasion. It is my understanding that many of those who make their way either to my personal blog, Blue Dragon Journal, or to one of the three other blogs where I post my material, that these folks might not be acquainted with channeling, the Galactic Federation or metaphysics in general. However, since they are nosing around and reading so-called “New Age” material, there is obviously something driving them to investigate this, for them, new corner of the world.

For these newcomers, much of what they read may bring up the specters of their early conditioning, especially religious doctrine. Channeling is considered by some of our very religious brothers and sisters as dealing with the devil. Even using some terms, such as I AM Presence, is considered suspect. For these people, I say you do have choice not to read these messages. Or to only read what resonates with you; it is how you feel about a piece that is important – not what the author meant to convey when writing it.

Frankly, I don’t really care what religion my readers might belong to; I do not consider myself as belonging to any religion. However, I am spiritual. I have been aware of angelic presences in my life since childhood. I do not have any memory of my existence before coming into embodiment just before this lifetime, but I have experienced flashbacks into other lifetimes. I am pretty sure that I have spent at least one lifetime in practically every major culture or religion that exists on the planet. Yes, I’ve been around awhile. As an experienced “old soul” I do not need to rely on a priest or minister to convey my thoughts or prayers to God. I can do so myself. I was probably a Cathar and have most certainly had more than one life time as a druid. I have experienced shamanic journeys. I have stood on a cliff and watched the ships sail away from the doomed shores of Atlantis. And now, I stand on the threshold of ascension. I have been here before. I will stand here, again, in another time and place. That is what I do. I do not feel this way out of a sense of self-righteousness, over-developed ego or a need to be right; I feel this way as recognition of the Light and Love that exists within, untarnished by my experiences in duality.

One of the tragic consequences of the domination of the dark forces of world religions (sorry, but true) is that people have no or little awareness of their own special qualities, gifts and the truth of their multidimensionality that extends throughout all dimensions back to Source. We are truly Light Beings who are taking some time off and experiencing individual awareness and separation from the Light, God, Source or whatever term you wish to use to convey the creator of All That Is. People have simply been conned into believing that they have to go through another in order to communicate with the God Source. And many have simply given up in believing anything to do with religion and have become agnostic.

Or at least they have been agnostic until suddenly, one day out of the blue, a little angel or inner voice comes knocking at their consciousness and they begin to wake up. Suddenly from within flares up an intense desire to search out the meaning of life; suddenly, life begins to have meaning.

My own life story has been different than those who are now in the process of waking up, but I have, too, suffered from lack of self-confidence. I have stubbornly refused to listen to the inner voice that wanted to share messages with me, or at least for years I would have nothing to do with channeling. That was until a good friend told me that I was doing channeling all the time. I thought about it, and must have made an inner decision or flashed a “Go Ahead!” signal, for soon after the messages started flowing. And with every new message comes a tiny bit of doubt, how will it be received? In the end, it doesn’t matter. I have done the best that I can do at the time the message has been transcribed and posted. With more experience, the messages should improve in quality.

I realize that not everyone who makes their way to these pages will resonate with what is written here. Were it so, it would be a miracle. Each of us is unique in our own way and must pass through gradual increments in the process of ascension. At each stage, those things that you would never think of reading will all of a sudden make perfect sense; other writings will not.

I was reminded by a friend that the messages are really about the energy that is conveyed, not the words. Channeling is a challenge to interpret the energy that is being sent to the messenger or scribe through non-verbal means. It involves an exchange of energies, for the human being involved is just as important as the beings on the other side of the Veil; one cannot do without the other in the process of developing a message.

I have also come across those who exhibit a snobbish know everything attitude about other people’s work, not just mine. Well, I say to these folks, try writing and channeling yourself. And then you will discover what a challenge it can be. And not everyone is going to like everything that they come across or they are expressing a particularly uncritical sense of taste. I don’t like to eat clams. It doesn’t mean other people shouldn’t eat them. Let people decide for themselves what appeals. And what they need at the moment in which they read the message. Just a word or phrase might be all that they need to give them the confidence to go forward and to do what they came here to do. In the end, these messages and all channeled material are really just guides along the way. They are not meant to the ultimate teacher or authority on what each individual must do in order to ascend. The journey in transcending the third dimension through the process of ascension is that of an individual who has lived in duality gradually moving into unity consciousness. Along the way there will be sign posts, saying yes, you’re doing well. Yes, we love you! Yes, I feel this way, too.

Much of what happens during the process of ascension comes from a realm where there are no words, but all is energy. In the future, everyone will communicate via telepathy. There will be no opportunity to lie anymore. Everyone will be able to “read” another person’s condition by simply surveying their energy fields. Nothing will be hidden and nothing will need to be hidden. The duality of the third dimension will be a distant memory; all will experience the unified field in action, love. Love, Light and Unity will be one’s daily experience. In case you noticed; we’re not quite there yet, but getting closer every day, with every person’s intent to master their thoughts and emotions and to accept that they are potentially much greater than they are aware today.

Between here and there lie a few steps. With the great Shift between the dimensions that is soon to occur according to heavenly and galactic sources, our perspectives will undergo major changes. It will still take some “time” to adjust to the new energies and the huge expansion in our awareness.

Meanwhile, I will continue to write these messages and stories, as I feel it is a small contribution that I can make presently to the ongoing process of ascension. I have been told that I write well and I have enjoyed sharing that gift with my readers. And in writing and stepping out, I am exercising my right to step into my power and be seen as part of what I AM, on inner planes.

There are things which I share with my guides that cannot be written about just yet, for I still have some way to go in learning to feel comfortable in complete sharing, but I’m working on it. I am doing something I love. I hope everyone is so lucky.

Many blessings of joy and love,


Copyright © 2012-19 by Eliza Ayres. All Rights Reserved. Permission is given to copy and distribute this material, provided the content is copied in its entirety and unaltered, is distributed freely, and this copyright notice and links are included. http://www.bluedragonjournal.com/

24 thoughts on “Eliza: About Channeling and Other Thoughts

  1. Thank You for these wonderful words. I feel myself strongly resonate with them and and can confirm this process to ascension goes through such stages. Despite I am at the beginning of my way all happens just like You’ve written.
    Blessings !

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    • This blog is moderated, by me. Comments only show up once I have “approved” or “approve and reply” like this. No one is “playing” with you. It is the way the blog is set up.

  6. ” However, since they are nosing around and reading so-called “New Age” material, there is obviously something driving them to investigate this, for them, new corner of the world. ”

    A growing number of spiritually inclided people are getting suspicious of some chanellings, especially those coming from the galactics. For those who take time to really investigate, and for my part, I read over a thousand of them, patterns emerge that show there’s a lot more than meets the eyes to them, not in a positive way. I see it all as a lesson on our path to ascension, one that asks us to no longer blindly follow messengers that feed on our desperation.

    I wish everyone, including channelers took time to actually reflect on the content of the messages and ask themselves how much sense they make.

    One example off the bat from one of your previous posts: “For those wayshowers who are waiting for others to show signs of life, we counsel patience.”

    So we have “wayshowers”, as in people who believe they incarnated to help with ascencion, given the advice to sit on their hand. How are they showing any way and to whom? Every day, we can read about abuse, violence in the news. Weren’t we born to help with these issues? Yesterday, I read about a teen who commited suicide after being bullied. Where were “lightworkers” and “wayshowers”? Probably posting some “love n’ light” on some blog.

    You advised them to look for the beauty in our community. Was this life meant to be a vacation? I would tell them to look for the negativity instead, because it’s where younger souls can do with our guidance. But the trouble is, the vision the galactics sold us makes the readers who follow their words utterly useless. To deal with other people’s negativity, we need to be firm, say no, grow a thicker skin, which is the positive expression on our “dark” side, and what the galactics want to suppress for their own reason by claiming only “light” matters.

    As for the disappearance of “duality” through the Ascvension which you seem to believe in, if it’s all gone in the 5th dimension, how will we grow up from there?

    • You will grow by continuing to take on “tough” assignments. Discernment is required in reading all channeled messages and you’re quite welcome to not read any if you so choose.
      I certainly don’t have all the answers for the problems that exist in our present day world. I’m just presenting my thoughts from my point of view. You’re welcome to your own.
      Go in peace.

    • Hiya steven23 🙂 I would like to “suggest” that an undue amount of time is spent talking on behalf/in the name of “other people” (be they “spiritually inclined” or not).
      A ‘channeler’ fulfils the role of a ‘messenger’; it is not a ‘peronal/personality’ issue hetre, any more than it is in terms of any media resource that we may choose to conslult (radio, TV, written media, video…& which channel (!) or frequency to ‘tune into’ etc.). The channeler proposes; the choice is y/ours for the taking or leaving., .
      If we listen carefully, within the context of the multiple resources that are available to us, we may hear that ‘inner’ voice constantly inviting us to hear inner standing on all issues, both spiritual and profane.
      The 3-d is a fear-based, ‘duality’ reality. Good/bad; night/day/; right/wrong; etc. 3-d reality is like a laboratory in which we decided to incarnate in order to experiment duality. (We originated from 12-d reality, but that’s another story :))
      You might say that for a variety of treasons, ‘some’ of us are approaching the end of our 3-d experiences, with a view to acceeding to a higher (but not ‘better’!) frequency in which the unicity among all things is innately innerstood & automatically acknowledged. Those who need more ‘time’ to explore polarity reality (space/time being specific to 3-d reality, 4-d = ‘time’) shall continue to ‘evolve’/explore on a 3-d plane.
      When you change channel (pun intended) on a radio set, the previousd channel appears to “disapppear’; in fact, of course, it stays where/as it is – you are the one who ‘shifts’…which is why we talk of “shifting dimensions” ;o)

      • Excellent reply, J Scott! Excellent.
        Yes, it takes a change of perspective, from fear-based duality to love-filled unity… that is the process of ascending from one dimension based on duality (light/dark) and one of unity (love/light).
        I can remember myself spending many days, even years being angry, too, so I understand where this young man is coming from. It is a stage in growth.

        As for being a channeler, messenger or scribe, I’m fulfilling a portion of my mission. It doesn’t necessarily mean that others will understand it. And I certainly am not presenting these messages in hopes of collecting a following. Aside from my presence on the internet, I am a very private person and hope to remain that way!

        I did get the “treasons” to mean “reasons”. Some might think it treasonous of us to choose to leave behind what doesn’t resonate any longer, but there it is.


      • “I would like to “suggest” that an undue amount of time is spent talking on behalf/in the name of “other people” (be they “spiritually inclined” or not).”

        My point of view is that of someone who’s spent over a year looking into channeled material as well as the comments they elicited. It was a wonderful experience in terms of learning, and meeting with people from all walks of life, including other seekers with a habit of questioning everything…. all the way to some “lightworkers” calling us not so nice names -including being “dark cabal agents”- for calling out some sources on their self-contradictions.

        I would agree with you that people are free to choose in theory. In reality, this is not what happens with quite a bit of these followers. They operate from place where their well-being depends on how fast some alleged “prosperity funds” or “alien technology” is going to fix the mess down here. You will also notice that several major sources channeled (thinking of sheldan nidle’s for instance) resorted to passive aggression or subtle shaming to quell dissent. Like claiming some major announcement had failed because their followers didn’t have enough faith. Then you have a well spread bashing of our mind. We are instead asked to ask to think with our heart, to ensure that we become responsive to Confirmation bias.

        I understand why duality has to disappear to you. It won’t to me because I don’t have the same definition. Mine isn’t determined by fear. It’s the yin/yang polarity, light/dark, female/male energy we all have in us. All the lessons we experience, including those offered by channelers have to do with teaching us to find a balance that’s good for us between those. Dark representing the Self and light, Others.

        Interestingly enough, by saying we’re of the Light -only-, the galactics kept fostering polirization. That’s good for those who want to spend more time exploring the 3D.

  7. Thanks you for having the courage to post your channels. I wanted you to know how much I enjoy reading them. It’s hard to have such a knowing of where we are going and not many like minded people to talk with. Thanks you again and sorry you have had to put up with negative energy being thrown your way! Christa

    • Thanks for your kind comment, Christa. Pioneers of any kind are seldom understood. Good thing I come from Scot-Irish blood; I’m too stubborn to quit. And it is quite an experience to be suddenly aware that your every word and phrase is being scrutinized. At least I can spell correctly most of the time. I might have to write a piece on being a highly sensitive in our present culture. Thanks, dear sister, for your understanding and compassion. Elizabeth

  8. Fear, steven23 ? What is that ?
    How do the galactics “foster polarity” by saying that : ” we are of the Light – ONLY…”? (The statement is, itself, a contradiction in terms.)
    ‘Polarity’ exists in all dimensions, but fear-based duality has become the ‘modus operandi’ of 3-d realty.
    What you state as being “other peoples’ negativity” is, in fact, a projection of your ‘own’ negativity. For there are no ‘other people’…other than your-Self. 3-d reality is a complerx holographic projection of your-self, which in turn, is an incarnate expression of unified consciousness seeking its way via ‘your’ specific, unique “point of view” to re-unify with Source (Unified Consciousness, Godhead, take your pick ;o)
    You create the impression that you are unaware that what is taken to represent physical reality, on the basis of information gleaned through our five senses, amounts to only about 1% of All that Is…

    • J Scott – I’m fascinated how some “personal thoughts” has obviously hit a nerve in more than a few people. Thank you, again, for your insightful comments. Elizabeth

  9. Know yourself on every level and you will know the Universe & the Gods…..this process of self discovery or shall I say rediscovery has brought me to the central point of my connectedness, my very heart itself and bloom my fertile lips made verb……

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