Great Divine Director: A Message

Lord Chananda Gia:  A Message from the Great Divine Director

via  Eliza Ayres

Good morning! I AM Lord Chananda, also known as the Great Divine Director. I have dropped by to inform this scribe of my intention to utilize her services as a messenger, with her permission, of course.

Events move swiftly. The floodgates are about to open, as humanity suddenly awakens. This is an event unprecedented in the history of this planet and indeed, the Universe. There have been mass ascension events involving small communities but never before on a planetary scale. As has been relayed by other scribes, this event has been long planned and meticulously designed to finally bring this planet, once again, into the Light. Make no mistake; you are about to witness miracles in the days and months ahead as the former “sheeple” are about to wake up from their seemingly endless sleep. As a consequence of these developments soon to take place; it will be up to the wayshowers to step forth into the limelight and to actively begin to take up your various assignments.

Yes, the mission for which you initially signed on is about to be revealed to our wayshowers. As our scribe is learning, there is a great difference between living in relative anonymity and being thrust abruptly out into the glare of world-wide attention. Still, her messages have only reached a relative few in terms of the world’s population. Soon millions of people will be searching for answers. All of our wayshowers will find themselves finally revealed to the eyes of the world as Lightbearers, messengers, teachers, warriors of the Light, living guides and examples. As a consequence, dear wayshowers, it is time to straighten up, stand forth and be counted. Dress rehearsal is about to commence and opening night is just on the event horizon.

Recently, on another blog, the question was put forth by an impatient or perhaps nervous Lightbearers, “Will ascension be rapid or gradual?” Denise le Fey addressed this question with her usual aplomb. Ascension has been a gradual process, for the wayshowers at any rate, proceeding slowly over the last 25 years or so, involving much physical discomfort, as well as profound life changes and challenges. As our scribe has recorded (see Blue Dragon Journal archives) she and many other wayshowers have been paving the way, breaking trail energetically for those who would follow. Often these pioneers have worked alone with few resources or clues from the outside world. They have just responded to the messages emanating from their Higher Self through their heart chakra and crystal pineal gland. These hardy pioneers have been and are the bravest of the brave, often defying societal mores to quietly but persistently position themselves as living anchors of the Light throughout the planet. Through this work, unacknowledged and unknown by most of the populace, they have painfully transmuted centuries’ worth of misaligned energies through their own bodies. And now, they have won through to the edge of the dark valley to emerge into the first light of dawn for humanity.

Dear souls, if you have been one of these Wayshowers or have even woke up more recently; we know that you might be waiting somewhat impatiently for your mission to be revealed to you, as well as for particular events to occur. We gently ask that you to be patient and be prepared. While you wait, hone your skills, dream your dreams, do the work that has brought you to this place in awareness (meditation, etc.) and practice letting go of expectations, frustration and judgment.

Rejoice, dear ones! Take time out from your serious focus to re-discover the joy of living. Find the time to rest and be one with your own thoughts and meditations. Know that the long battle is nearly over and the field won. Yes, there will be skirmishes for a while as the opponents are reluctant to give up the field. Be vigilant; be joyful and observant as you watch the results of your decades-long employment begin to come to fruition. And understand that for some of you, your mission was simply to be here. Simple but profound, considering that many of the wayshowers come from other worlds and dimensions and have sacrificed much for the cause of the Light and the Divine Mother.

In an army… and yes, you are an army of Light… there are those who act as scouts, skirmishers and even infiltrators. Each of our Wayshowers has been employed in one or more of these functions. A relative select few have acted in the limelight for years, bringing forth messages, books, lectures and readings into the world and into the awareness of the first seekers. Others, such as our scribe, have worked without a map, only responding to the call of the heart, to their sense of divine discontent, to the silent messages of their inner guides received during meditation and dreamtime. Gradually, often painfully, the persistence of these seekers has been rewarded by a tiny bit of knowledge garnered, by a moment of epiphany, by a sudden downloading of information or by the touch of an angel in a moment of loss and confusion. It has been enough to keep these persistent pioneers moving forward, although never enough to keep them satisfied for long. The process of growing awareness has been at other times painstakingly slow, tedious, physically exhausting and seemingly never-ending, many times without visible reward or apparent ending. All of this is about to change.

Again we say, “Rejoice, dear ones!” For you have broken through the internal barriers of egocentric thinking and have nearly won through the dark forest of illusion. This knight’s tale will have a happy ending. The gathering of the Family of Light is about to commence. Many surprises are about to be revealed and former secrets unveiled. Much joy and wonder is about to be experienced. Be patient, dear ones, for you stand literally and figuratively on the threshold of a new beginning for this world and its inhabitants. The entire Universe is watching in breathless anticipation as many other, as yet unknown players are about to enter stage right and begin the new era of Light, to begin the New Day as heralded by your world teachers one and all.

Many blessings are given, whether you are a long-term veteran or a newly awakened newbie. Know that you are all loved and held in the highest honor by all of Heaven.

Go forth our dear Warriors of the Light!

Thank you, beloved Great Divine Director.

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28 thoughts on “Great Divine Director: A Message

  1. Umbro said that we were waiting to see who could pick up the call on their own, but then after Dec. 21st all bets are off. So some rude awakenings would follow, but the lightworkers could also intervene in whatever way they feel necessary. This is for the purposes of stability and balance rather than infringing on freewill. They will also be more active in their influence… While still observing the rules of engagement. Those who can hear but have been ignoring the call will be given some stronger nudges. Always with loving kindness, as is their way.

    • Yes, I’ve been encouraging people who ask me questions to seek the answers on their own. I will answer some things, but each individual needs to be responsible for their own growth and direction. The age of gurus is over. Teaching and sharing will be through daily life and example. It will be interesting to watch and participate with this new stage of the ascension process. I’m sure everyone, even the toughened veterans will find surprises in the coming days.

      Thanks, dear brother.

      • Agreed, I appreciate having a safe place to speak from the heart. Even if speaking from the heart might make me look silly or stupid at times, I know that this is part of the learning process, and part of the Divine Plan. Sometimes what we think other people think can be the hardest thing to overcome. 🙂 Namaste dear Elizabeth and thank you.

      • Dear Troy,
        Speaking from your heart will never make you look stupid, for when you do, you are being the REAL you! It’s all the weight of society’s conventions and expectations that bog us down, if we let them. I’ve walked away from most of that and am working on the remaining bits. I enjoy being comfortable with myself and Self; nothing else matters. So, dear brother, feel free to speak from the heart.

        Namaste, Elizabeth

      • Amen, and thank you!

        I remember, the first time I was handed a talking feather and told to “speak from the heart”, it was in my first pipe ceremony. It was a great honor, and I cried. I was so happy that someone would simply listen. As I recall I was somewhat speechless! 😉

      • Well, we really haven’t been encouraged to speak from the heart in our Western “society”. It would have been too inconvenient and uncomfortable for TPTB. So we have learned to pretend and in pretending, we left our hearts behind and then wondered what was the matter.

        Better to be ridiculed and still speak from the heart. There are those who have walked the path before us… Gamdhi, Mother Teresa… In whose footsteps do we wish to follow? Eventually there will be those who respond from their hearts; it is a Universal language that binds us together.

  2. It is my very first time to read a channeled message from Elizabeth Ayres Escher or Tazjima. It is also my first time to come to this blog.
    I say HELLO to everybody.
    For me it is a great pleasure to read a message from The Great Divine Director.
    I will be happy to read from him every time.

    Maybe The Great Divine Director will read my comment, maybe he will not.
    There is something that I don’t quite understand. I’m sure he will help me.
    The great Divine Director says: #this event has been long planned and meticulously designed to finally bring this planet, once again, into the Light. #
    Why till now people are not yet inform of what is going on? We have been told over and over again that things will start soon, very soon, shortly, very very shortly. But when we see our planet, it is BUSINESS AS USUAL.
    I also request to the Great Divine Director to explain what it means ‘DIVINE DIRECTOR’? Are you an ANGEL, an ASCENDED MASTER, an ARCHANGEL or an ARCHANGEL on a UNIVERSAL LEVEL?
    I am Siegfried

    • The changes begin within each person’s own heart.

      The process of bringing the planet back into the Light started before the fall of Atlantis and has continued ever since. The Wise knew of the pending Fall and began preparing then, working with the grand Universe cycle. The various World Teachers have also prepared the way for those who have followed. Today it is everyday people doing the work.

      Each person has to follow their own inner path. The knowledge of what is happening will be revealed as you are ready to assimilate the knowledge.

      The appearance of “Business as Usual” in the outer world is an illusion; the old edifices of the power elite are crumbling. They use fear to convince people otherwise. By fear they control. Step away from the fear-mongering and discover your own path, one that starts in your own heart. Dare to see the world in a totally new way.

      The Great Divine Director was embodied as a human, took his ascension and has since become a Cosmic Being. You can Google his title on the WWW to find out more. He was a teacher of both Jesus and Saint Germain.

      Saluations, Siegfried. And thank you for your comment.

  3. Thankyou again for bringing through these deep insights and words of encouragement to keep us going with this extraordinary and previously lonely journey of spirit-map-making. I am so grateful as well to the inventors of the WWW for making these wonderful exchanges with fellow travellers possible on this final leg of the marathon!
    Love to everyone, Mano

    • Mano,
      I think we all appreciate the encouragement right about now. Still, have been doing the job for a long time and am too stubborn to stop now! Thanks for your lovely comments.

  4. Looking forward to all this!! Ready to go! In the meantime, I’ve been writing to the kind of audience I’ve been living around, all these years 🙂 Thanks so much for sharing this message!

  5. Pingback: Ascension Energy Update - October 6, 2012 » Stankov's Universal Law PressStankov's Universal Law Press

    • I’m somewhat confused if this message was a reply to mine or not. Actually that website is not mine, although I’m a reader of it myself. I found my way to this particular channeling through that site.

      • Understood. Just shared a couple of emails with G. Stankov. Interesting man, great website.

      • Yes, that site is a treasure chest of information. As to dr. Stankov, I hope that people like him will be teaching our children in the not so distant future.

  6. What a blessing to read this! When I read you are a way shower and the rest of the information that was provided, well, that information came to me too! So you can imagine how it felt to read what I have known and been told over the years! RIght down to the same words of pioneer and trail blazer! I resonated completely with it. And the relief to know someone else is doing the same in their field of what they are bringing to humanity. So from my soul to yours, I see you and feel you and much love to you for sharing.

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