The Council of Nine: “New Beginnings”

The Council of Nine: “New Beginnings”

via Eliza Ayres

We are the Council of Nine.

Long have we watched over the evolution of this planet and the development of humanity. Now swiftly approaches a new beginning for your planet and its inhabitants. We encourage each of you who read these words to focus on your innermost parts, that sacred place within where you can gather your forces, calm your mind, strengthen the connection between self and Higher Self, as well as renew ties with your galactic family.

Events move apace outside the purview of the tightly controlled mass media. Things are happening in the subtle realms of the fourth dimension (the Astral Plane) as the remaining non-physical dark forces are been flushed out of their hiding places, by our own forces and our ground crew, clothed in their astral bodies. The tide has turned; the Light upon this planet steadily grows in strength.

Now, in your moments of quietude, we encourage you to turn your powerful creative thoughts towards the kind of world that you wish to see manifesting in your “future.” Dream grandly and open your hearts wide in anticipation, for the world you will see will meet and succeed what you are currently capable of imagining.

Even now, some of you are experiencing a subtle change in attitude, towards yourself, your family members, perhaps even those who you used to see as “other.” You will find your acceptance of self extending outwardly to your neighbors, your community and eventually to those whom you once considered as opponents, perhaps as enemies. This new sense of self is the beginning of an awareness that you are greater than the being that is currently residing in a skin suit and living at such and such address. You are a Divine being, in the process of waking up and re-membering your connection with all Life. You are a Divine being coming into union, communion with your center of being, the Heart, the sacred flame within your high heart chakra, that radiates forth the life energy that keeps your body functioning but is so much more. This heart flame and the corresponding pineal gland and silver cord that bind you to your Soul, connect you through Love to the Universe and beyond. This is a process of rediscovery that you are currently embarked upon, individually and as a collective. Both your planet and you are undergoing the same process and you are joined by the entire Universe in this grand cycle of ascension.

Those of you who are currently experiencing an internal process of integration with your Higher Self and a growing awareness of your multidimensionality are going far with anchoring this awareness within the collective subconscious of all humanity. As all are connected at subtle levels, all will soon be made aware of this connection through the communion of hearts, the language of love. You will feel your heart flame respond when someone thinks about you, no matter where they live upon the earth. You will begin to feel and respond to the subtle communications of non-physical beings, angels, archangels, Masters and galactics. Protect yourself as you feel you need to, but soon enough you will be able to discern the energies and know whom to engage with. You are more powerful than you know and can effect great change upon this planet and are now in the process of far exceeding all previous expectations that we have had for your progress to date.

With the strengthening of the connection of Love within each of our wayshowers, so, too, will emerge a corresponding surge of feelings of brotherhood, forgiveness and compassion within those who have been asleep until recently, for your devotion has forged the way forward for your entire race. This unseen unity will suddenly emerge as the cessation of aggressions, in the refusal of soldiers to fight each other, in the sudden recognition of the connection between peoples. This process is already happening and will continue to spread, despite all the efforts of the dark ones to revive their efforts to control the general population and drive everyone back into their respective corners to cower in fear. No, the flame within is too powerful now to be conquered by the ill-intended. The call for freedom, for peace, for healing, for abundance for all peoples is beginning to be heard in the most backward corners of the world. Look not at the mass media to see these things, but look within. Know through the confirmation of your heart flame that the Light is victorious; the cycle is moving forward and will bring this world into a new dawn, a new world, a golden age of peace and prosperity for all.

Send forgiveness and love to those who still struggle to retain the last vestiges of control; they have lost the battle, but are too stubborn, too fearful of what it means for them. They know not what lies beyond the future that they have planned so methodically over centuries of your linear time. It is beyond their inbred arrogance to accept defeat, yet accept it they must and soon.

Even with the official announcement of disclosure being put off yet another time, we see more and more people responding nonetheless to the increased radiance that is being emitted by the heart flames of the Lightbearers. You will see sudden awakenings happening on a daily basis, first hundreds, then thousands, then millions of new seekers, looking for answers, finding clues on the Internet and seeking out those who have come before them… finding the pathway laid out before them through the strength of your will and determination to serve the Light.

For the wayshowers it is now time to step forward into the light of your Presence, to come into a full acceptance of your power and beauty. The time to doubt and dwell in fear is over. Stand tall in your light. Remain calm and centered. Rediscover the joy and creativity of the child within. Be who you are in the fullness of your love and connection with all life. You are living examples to the ones who will come seeking answers. Perhaps you will be a teacher and mentor; others will simply be examples of a new way of living. Each of you will discover your own paths by going within and communing with your inner guides. Love your humanity and know that limitless potential lies just beyond the horizon for you, your loved ones, your world and the entire Universe.
You are loved more than you know. Be at peace and know that we stand with you, always, in the eternal Now.

Blessings and encouragement to all,

Thank you, beloved Council of Nine

Copyright © 2012-19 by Eliza Ayres. All Rights Reserved. Permission is given to copy and distribute this material, provided the content is copied in its entirety and unaltered, is distributed freely, and this copyright notice and links are included. No recordings and/or videos of this written material is permitted.

4 thoughts on “The Council of Nine: “New Beginnings”

  1. Ah, this is so beautiful!
    It warms and soothes my heart to have found our connection, Elizabeth… I’m seeing your messages so deeply complement and complete what I receive, and the feeling of being part of a magnificent orchestra really pumps up the Light!
    In gratitude and love,

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