The Council of Nine: “Internal Integration”

The Council of Nine:  Internal Integration

via Eliza Ayres

We are the Council of Nine.

This morning our scribe woke up with a smile on her face. Last night she was wrestling with the concept that we wished to present to you today. You see, we work as a team. She is ground crew, a volunteer who came to this planet, who has spent many lifetimes here in order to assist in bringing the Light to her chosen brothers and sisters. She has chosen all of you. She has spent at least one lifetime in nearly every single culture, race and religion upon the planet. She could not more choose a favorite culture than choose a favorite flower or tree. She was born an American, but the world is her home. Gaia is her home and all of you are her family. And now the Universe is also her home and her galactic brothers and sisters are also her family, as well as yours.

Often on hikes, her acquaintances have asked her, “What is your favorite tree?”

She would look at them and then away, glancing at the trees around them and shrug, “I love them all, big and small.”

You see, dear ones, our scribe is a representative of the Divine Mother. She comes on the Rose Ray. She has ascended before and now has returned to embrace her brothers and sisters in a wave of love. She stands now at a junction, the splitting point of one path to two, at the point of choice. As she looks you in the eye, what will you answer when she poses her question: “What do you choose — love or fear? Will you cling to the old and choose to remain behind or will you embrace unity, diversity and, yes, Love?

In the past couple of weeks, our scribe has begun in earnest a process of inner integration. She is learning, all over again, to accept her multi-dimensionality. In wakening moments, she has spoken to an exalted aspect of her Higher Self and has felt accepted. There was no judgment or prejudice in the interview, just a realization that she needs to vastly widen her horizons to take in the immense changes in perspective required to function in the higher vibrational worlds. In those worlds, there is no division between poor and rich, race, creed or religion. These judgments, prejudices and limitations have no reality beyond the artificial confines of the matrix that was set up around the game of polarity. Polarity does not exist in the higher realms of Light, the place to which some of you are going, soon.

We have been quiet for some days to allow our scribe time to rest. She has entered into a period of needed integration where she is becoming reacquainted with the parts of herself that she left behind when she entered into this world as a first wave starseed. It has taken some time for her to begin to comprehend what we have told her, what has been told to her by her Twin Flame and now by her Higher Self, one who exists in the 8th dimension. At first she was in denial, but now she is moving into a place of acceptance. As she is able to open her heart to embrace what we and her guides set before her, so too will the horizons of her world widen. This is a process that all starseeds and Lightbearers must undergo, now or later, as they move toward the point of Ascension. Although our scribe has ascended before, she was born into this world, in this lifetime, with a complete loss of memory of what she was before. She has undergone this process of reawakening for the sake of her brothers and sisters on this planet so they can follow her and the other wayshowers, following the trail markers on the energetic pathway carved out before them by others such as themselves. The ones who will follow are common, plain ordinary folks, not ones who have spent a lifetime or lifetimes in preparation of such an event by living in Tibetan monasteries or mystery schools, but who have spent their lives working for a living and raising families.

Our scribe chose to be born into a middle class American family so that she might embody the type of person that she was chosen to lead, not scholars, not priests or metaphysical students, but ordinary people. If her words are unvarnished and plain, without the flowery phrases that some communicate with, it is because of this – she wants to be able to reach those individuals who are searching but who haven’t had years of metaphysical training and who have not developed their own subtle prejudices against the “unawakened” masses. By her living example, she is showing that this awakening process can be done by anyone, no matter their status, because in this process they are remembering who they really are – fractals of the gods and goddesses of the Divine.

This past two weeks our scribe has had a couple of dreams. The first one had a similar theme where she was on the campus of a great university, like the one she attended years ago. In past dreams, she has gotten lost down dusty, dark corridors or stairways or has forgotten her books and has been unable to get to class in time. In the new dream, she was showing her parents her old school, but as she approached it she noticed that the grounds had all changed. Instead of parking lots, there were vegetable gardens. Instead of dusty windows, there were soaring open pavilions. And one of the centerpieces was a magnificent, multistory office building built of a creamy sandstone-like material and decorated with gleaming intricately carved green stones in archways and corners. The cafeteria was open and light-filled, overflowing with happy people. She turned to her parents and said, with wonder, “It’s changed so much!” When she awoke, our scribe asked her guides, “What was that place?” The answer – “You.”

In the second dream, she came into a room and was greeted by two beautiful people, a man and woman. Their appearance was distinctive and somewhat familiar to our scribe as she has been a student of art for some years. The couple appeared to be the living images of a Hindu god and goddess, with their gleaming black hair, large dark eyes, beautiful faces, intricate costumes and manners. She was greeted and sat down in front of them, closer to the woman. Between the man and woman was a small carved table. Upon the table was a large confection of some kind, about the size of a large lingam stone. Although it appeared to be made of grains, the confection was covered with an intricate design of tiny seeds or beads. Our scribe remarked about the piece. The woman smiled and handed our scribe a bag of seeds to eat, which she did.

Then our scribe woke up and went running out of the house to tell her neighbors what she had just experienced. In the dream (for she was still dreaming) her neighbors were East Indian (they are not). She greeted the husband and went on into the kitchen to greet the wife, excitedly telling her what she had seen in the dream. The wife looked astonished and a bit flustered, but happy for our scribe. Then the scene changed a little – our scribe and the neighbor’s wife were standing in a garage. A dog, a shaggy poodle, saw our scribe and came running to greet her enthusiastically. The scene changed again. Our scribe was lying down and vaguely noted that it was raining. Then she really woke up; it took a few moments to realize that she was in her body again.

As with most of her notable dreams, she shared it with her soul brother. He replied:

As to your dream within a dream. It’s happened to me very occasionally and I’ve found it a bit disorientating. Whatever else the seeds and the lingam speak of regeneration, growth and expansion. That this is given to you by those responsible for your nurture, your development, those responsible for ensuring your protection and your guidance during the process culminating in maturity is telling. Both sides of duality have shown themselves to you, in balance. Your neighbors appear in one of the guises they have assumed in other lifetimes. This has found you accepting of that beyond the illusion. The dog tracks back to the Dog Star and Anubis, the dog-headed one. (He has been) a friend and willing playmate granting, through the ages, many lifetimes. Rain, to me, always speaks of Kwan Yin, the Compassionate, bringing cleansing and refreshment in many areas.

Significant dreams indeed and indicative of the internal changes our scribe is undergoing currently.

In light of recent world events and some personal ones as well, our scribe has desired to comprehend why some people choose to live in fear, divided from their neighbors by fear and prejudice. She has come to understand that some souls require more experience in duality. By not allowing these individuals the opportunity to undergo these experiences, she would be acting as judge and jury, seeking to control the outcome of another’s life path. Instead, she has chosen to embrace the way of compassion and forgiveness.

In these final months, hours and days before the coming Shift, it is up to each individual to choose, whether they will go forward into the light and ascension or whether they wish to remain within the confines of duality. The choice that lies before each is becoming more apparent even to those who have long refused to “wake up”, especially now as the polarization of opposing viewpoints approaches the ridiculous. Each side of the coin has become almost a parody as the dramas continue to be played out. While it may appear that one has to choose a side, whether it be a political party, a nation, a religion, war versus peace, conservative versus liberal, conservation versus resource destruction, this is not so, for these “choices” are part of the illusion, part of the game of polarity, part of the old way of doing things. Rather it is the middle road that one must follow now, the quiet road, the road less traveled, in order to find one’s way out of the maze of overwrought emotion and conflict. By following this path, one will discover the gate to the inner sanctum, a place of peace, serenity and unity, the place of the Heart.

In the stillness of the Heart, one can touch the Universe, talk to the stars, reach out to galactic friends and family, speak to living galactic star ships and embrace your own multidimensionality. By letting go of the desire to be right and by learning to be in the moment, you will come to a stillness of beingness that is necessary in order to go forward into the higher dimensions. The unified field of creation awaits your coming. Love, abundance, peace, creativity, joy and community will be yours.

As our scribe, our co-worker has learned to release her fears, to accept herself unconditionally, to clear old wounds and emotional upsets, to begin to experience and embrace her gifts, she has moved into a new attitude and way of being in the world. Her life experience has changed. There is a new contentment now where there was loneliness and pain. There is a growing sense of peace where there was confusion and fatigue. The fatigue is still there, but now our scribe understands that the body is resistant to the changes going on and allows her the space to take the necessary extra self-care and rest to make the adjustments easier. So might you all do so, if you so choose, as the momentum of change in the outer world continues to accelerate.

It is a time to take stock, to release that which is unneeded or outgrown, to say goodbye to old ways of doing things, to move on and into your internal process. It is time to stand firm, yet flexible as the winds of change scour the earth and the old structures of the illusion crumble. Hold the light for those who are still asleep, for those who are lost in the darkness, as well as for those who have used the darkness to their own ends. Forgiveness, acceptance and love are the keys for all to go forth into a new world that holds more grandeur than you can imagine right now.

We stand with you, at your side, in the Eternal Now, holding the immaculate concept of your beingness for you until you can take up that mantle for yourself.

Blessings and encouragement to all.

Thank you, beloved Council of Nine.

Copyright © 2012-19 by Eliza Ayres, All Rights Reserved. Permission is given to copy and distribute this material, provided the content is copied in its entirety and unaltered, is distributed freely, and this copyright notice and links are included.  No recordings and/or videos of this written material is permitted.

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