The Council of Nine: “A Time for Decision”

The Council of Nine: “A Time for Decision”

via Eliza Ayres

During this past week, our scribe wrestled with some her remaining inner demons or that least what she would characterize as a negative emotion, namely anger. By nature, our scribe is more cerebral than her daily companions, living in her head more than her heart. So when she is confronted by another individual, sometimes the emotional reaction can leave her feeling very unbalanced and unsure for a while. Recently, when she was unfairly accused of interfering during an email discussion, she felt a surge of anger and a sense of injustice come alive within. She was startled at the intensity of the reaction and for a moment wondered if she had not succeeded in clearing out most of the debris within that might act as a mirror for another to act upon. Then she realized that the attack was actually an issue of the other person. She stood up for herself, in her reply and in her messages to her superiors in the chain of command. She was not going to accept this other person’s determination that she was somehow inferior and could be summarily dismissed as being incompetent. No, our scribe knew better. She knew that her work ethic was superior and she knew the reprimand was not deserved. She also realized that her detractor was working from a point of view based on fear and a lack of self-confidence or this person would not have struck out with her message that carried a dagger of dis-ease. So our scribe chose to stand in her power. With great joy, she found that she was backed up by the opinions of her supervisor and that of the other person. While this may be deemed by some people to be a relatively unimportant incident in the course of a business week, it has proved to be of great significance to our scribe, as she now has an example of just how far she has come in her process of coming into self-acceptance, of her own sense of self-worth and acceptance of her power.

What became clear from this incidence is that so many people move through their lives blanketed in a sense of fear. They tend to project their fears outward towards other people, blaming them for their continuing sense of ill ease, their own self-hatred and lack of self-confidence or faith in their own abilities. In coming to a realization of this, our scribe was able to move through her anger, to release it to the angels, to run many colors of energy through her body and to finally come into a sense of inner peace and balance all within a day of the upset. Rather than accepting the judgment of another and directing the negative energy inward, she chose to move through the process, to analyze and release, move through forgiveness and to come into an understanding of the lesson. In all, she succeeded very well. And she can see this experience as being a microcosm of the experiences that many people are now currently undergoing and experiencing.

As the time for decision, to ascend or not, swiftly approaches, humanity as a whole is being confronted with its worst fears and negative constructions. If an individual has not come to the place where they can surrender to the process and let go of the fears and darkness, these issues will come to be played out physically in their individual worlds. As the time of the great Shift approaches, these last exercises of polarity are intensifying. Those individuals still controlled by the illusion will see their worlds completely disintegrate into the growing chaos. In contrast, those individuals who have chosen the middle way, the way of surrender to Love and Unity, will experience a growing sense of Self, as more and more of their multi-dimensionality of being can anchor in their physical body. As growing and glowing points of Light, these individuals, these wayshowers, will show the way for those who wish to follow. As she has proven to herself this past week, our scribe is one of those wayshowers, a point of Light whose power and beauty is expanding because of her own self-acceptance and desire to become all that she can.

As our scribe has experienced, there can be no more sitting on the fence of indecision any longer. People must decide and in choosing not to decide, by seeking to ignore the increasing appearance of chaos, these individuals will see the tumult break into their own lives. There is no judgment but a choice must be made. Stand with the old illusion – in fear, judgment and separation – or be willing to release the fear and move into unity, acceptance of diversity, acceptance of self and a growing awareness of the presence of multidimensionality. For those souls who are being guided to remain in polarity and to learn more from its lessons, we send them our love and acceptance of their decision.

It is to those souls who are on the verge of decision, whether or not to ascend, and who are aware of a greater picture, the potential for vast opportunities for change in their lives, but who still carry judgment in their heads, either of themselves or those who they still regard as “other” – it is to these souls that we direct our words now.

Why do you still judge your sister or brother? Why do you allow this darkness to remain in your body? Can you not accept the reality of unity in diversity? We do not judge you in this misinterpretation of God’s will for humanity, but we intend to bring this realization to your awareness now. For any judgment of another person is self-judgment. Any non-acceptance of another person is non-acceptance of self. Any judgment of another is judgment of the love that God holds for you in his Heart. Whether a person is of another race, gender, creed, religion, political party or a galactic being, they are One with you. Do you truly understand this concept? The person who sweeps the streets in Calcutta is one with you. The person who fishes for a living in the North Atlantic is one with you. The person who lives aboard a Galactic Light Ship is one with you. The ascended being who has been your guide and mentor is one with you.

True spirituality is simple. All the complex rules, edicts and laws put into place by various religious factions throughout this planet have been designed to control and to create an artificial division among people. Race has been used to the same effect. Political association has been used to create division and confusion, all so those who really are in power can work behind the scenes to manipulate the laws to their own benefit. Wars, poverty, disease and corruption of morals and ethics have been used to sow the seeds of despair and to destroy the peace and welfare of the everyday man, to destroy and subjugate those indigenous peoples who still retain their spirituality and connection to the planet and to all life. These institutions have put forth their lies for too long, intentionally sowing distrust among people, on this planet and between you and your galactic relatives.

True spirituality works on a simple premise: All are One. Love is the unifying factor that binds all physical life in the Universe together. To put it simply, humanity is designed to be connected to each other and to all life around them, seen and unseen. With the Shift, this design will manifest in the daily life of those who choose ascension. There will be no place for judgment or division based on the old ways of polarity. Unity consciousness will be a reality for all for those who choose ascension.

So what is your decision? Each person must accept their own individual responsibility to make their own informed decision – it is part of the act of becoming a full-fledged adult on the way to becoming a full-fledged galactic citizen. No longer can one rely on what they learned in school, what their doctor told them, what their mother or father told them to believe, no… they must determine what they personally believe, how they personally feel, what is in their own heart of hearts. And to do so takes a certain degree of personal effort and focus. You may weigh those things which you have learned during your lifetime or lifetimes, but in the end, it is your own acceptance of self or not that will be the determining factor. For you see, if you cannot accept and forgive yourself, you will continue to project your fears out into the world, seeking others to act as the enemy, the one or ones who are somehow, in your opinion, preventing your ability to move forward. While we do not judge you for this mind set, we will point out that it is extremely misguided if one is intending to move onward towards Ascension. This kind of mindset will prevent you from moving into higher dimensional living for your own sake, for as you think so do you sow. Until you realize that all others who you experience as being separate from you in your daily life are really a part of the wholeness of you, then you cannot go forward.

The realization of unity is the realization that every single being, whether it is a star, another human being, an animal, a flower, a tree, a rock under foot, a galactic light ship – all these things constitute YOU. You are the Creator of your world. You are a unique part of the holographic creation. You are a part of God / Goddess, a divine being who is in the process of waking up from a bad dream. You now have the opportunity to ascend with your beloved planet as well as all her inhabitants, your sisters and brothers, into the higher vibrating dimensions. What is your decision – unity or division, love or fear? It is your choice.

While you wrestle with your decision, you will not be alone. Call on us, call on the angels, and call on your favorite spiritual mentor or your ancestors to assist you. You are not alone and have never been alone. We are with you always, but for you to realize and come into an acceptance that concept will necessitate you going within your own heart and listening, being in stillness. Release your remaining fears, accept and forgive your self-described “sins” and enter into an awareness of the loving presence of your Father / Mother, who accept you as you are, as you have been and as you will be. In the fullness of Creation, you have never been alone and when you have made your decision to answer the inner call to return Home, whether now or later, we will be there to greet you. We remain with you in the eternal Now.

With great love for you, we stand before you and bow to the God within. Our blessings and encouragement go with you.

Thank you, beloved Council of Nine.

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