The Council of Nine: “The Chosen Ones”

The Council of Nine:  “The Chosen Ones”

via Eliza Ayres

We are the Council of Nine. This morning we come to test your resolve to ascend. Do you really want to become a part of the unity field, to progress further in your soul development, even to just take a rest from the constant strife and anxiety that is your daily lot in three-dimensional life? Then be prepared to enjoy the transition into the fifth dimension. Life there will be so much more, more than you can imagine. There will be abundance, clarity of thought, joy, love and a profound feeling of connection to all Life.

Of course, moving on from the life you have known here on the 3D plane will take some adjustment. You will find it necessary to learn to control and master your thoughts. While the process of manifestation has been slow in 3D, preventing you from realizing that you are the creator of your world, it will be instantaneous in 5D. What you think will be what you get. Our words are not designed to intimidate, but to encourage those who even now doubt the reality of Ascension. Your doubts will cloud your resolve and slow down your progress in making the necessary adjustments to the higher vibratory levels and freedom that is available in the fifth dimension. Those individuals, who are unprepared, in body, mind and heart, will not graduate into those finer densities for their own sakes. It takes a will to trust, to be open to change and a certain child-like quality of purity of intent to succeed. Those who have come to trust and follow the urgings of their heart, to listen to the whisperings of their intuition, to understand the language of their bodies, these ones will go forth into the higher dimensions.

We encourage those who feel confused, angry and filled with doubt and even self-hatred, to look carefully within and to release their fears and any bits of remaining darkness. Give the darkness to the light; let the lamp of God’s love send the radiance of cleansing healing rays into the last vestiges of self-doubt. Trust that you are indeed worthy of God’s love. Trust that you will be protected, love and nurtured. Your galactic and angelic brethren are here to aid and assist you, but they cannot walk the last steps through the Valley of Darkness for you; you must do it yourself. Call upon the healing masters and the angelic hosts to light your steps as you climb up through the last veils of the illusion that has been spun upon this sacred water planet. Call upon us in your need and we will be there. The fear and separation that you have known here will not follow you into the fifth dimension. It will simply dissolve and be no more, as fog is dispelled by the coming of the dawn and the warmth of the sun. Feel the warmth of the Central Sun glowing within your own heart as you connect within and look at the world with fresh eyes, the eyes of an innocent, open to new possibilities and wonder.

Disclosure of the presence of your galactic brethren and ascension are meant to go together. With our aid, the aid of your galactic family, you will be able to move more quickly, calmly and with grace and purpose into your new world. With disclosure will come an easing of the physical challenges and burdens placed upon those in the poverty-stricken corners of your world. While these often misunderstood souls, pitied by those who have more materially blessed, and cursed by others as being surplus burden upon the planet, these gentle souls will respond to our love and attention. Closer to the earth in their everyday life, they will be more open to change as any change will benefit their tribes, families and children, as well as themselves. These poor ones, the forgotten ones of your planet have chosen to be stripped of ego, material wealth and power in order to overcome past negative karma. They have acted as transformers of energy in the darkest corners of your world. The simple matter of bringing these forgotten ones aid – to provide them with the means of improving their daily lives, to feed, clothe and shelter their families – will open their hearts and minds. You see, unlike our westernized brethren, these simple people are closer to the earth and respond to love with delight and song. They are closer to the angels, closer to heaven, closer to love.

With our technology, we will be able to assist those individuals and family groups living in harsh polluted environments to be free, to have the ability to provide for themselves housing, clothing, clean food and water, the basic necessities of life. With the easing of their daily lives, these ones will be open to learning how to move gracefully into living within a unity field.

For those who have identified with a narrow point of view, whether based on religion, science or politics, it will be harder to transition into the unified field. These individuals have allowed their belief systems to mold the boundaries of their world. They are the creators of their worlds and will not be ready or open enough emotionally or mentally to break through the barriers that they have created around their hearts. For them there will be no way through the thicket of thorns that encircles the secret garden. For them the small still voice of the soul will be unheard and ignored. Their time will come, but not soon. The cycles must move on and leave these unprepared ones more time to gather experience in the fields of duality.

To offer another individual perspective from the life of our scribe, we will briefly tell how she came to question religion and from that questioning arose a questioning of the entire matrix upon which this present illusion has been formed. As a child she wondered why she had to learn the titles of all the books of the Bible. What was the purpose in that when you can simply open the Bible and see them listed on the page? Then when she was a bit older, she began to question why there was only one Son of God? Why not tens or hundreds or thousands? Why was Yeshua the only Son of God; who determined that decision? What made him special above and beyond his fellow man? In her typical irrelevant fashion, she decided that she could accept Yeshua as her brother. Somehow this realization brought her closer to the truth – that Yeshua is the brother to every woman and every man.

Something had bothered our scribe for many years – the fact that so many wars were fought by people driven by the flames of fanaticism that whole nations were wiped out, peoples enslaved, cultures ripped apart by invaders and all in the name of God as justification for these great wrongs against humanity. What was the purpose of these upheavals, wars, and bloodshed and struggles to control? Why were the secrets of our early ancestors and their great cultures systematically destroyed, hidden or ridiculed? Who was controlling whom, God or man?

None of these things made any sense to our scribe, so she learned to question everything that she encountered. She read books, followed the teachings of various mentors, attended different churches, some new age and others of traditional faiths, yet never did she find the answers to her inner questions in these places. Then she began to understand that her inner promptings were leading her to discover the answers for herself. She learned to read a book or pamphlet, to listen to a lecture or lesson, to take in the information and then to discern what resonated in her inner parts and to leave the rest. Her decision to leave all religion behind came upon reading a huge tome about the origins of Christianity. Being brought up in a Christian household, naturally disposed her to thinking in those terms but she found herself disturbed to realize that Christianity was a completely made-up religion, with a bit taken from Judaism, some portions from Mithraic legends, a dash of Buddhism, a touch of Hinduism, a strong dose of mythology stemming from ancient legends of savior gods and a total denial of the humanity of women, half the human race. What madmen concocted such a mess? And why did millions of people all over the world believe the lies presented by church leaders, supported by the Vatican and its ties into control of the masses and the economy. The same church that threatened kingdoms with excommunication, burnt heretics, purged the villages and country side of healers, gypsies and strangers. This was the same church that threatened believers with the tortures of Hell if they did not follow the doctrines given to them by priest or minister and why? Simply for the means to control and divide the people of the world, to distract them from their inner divinity, to rip their heart ties from their mother, the planet upon which they lived, to expunge the memories of their races from the minds of the downtrodden masses. So she began to discern the darker side of religion – through fear, people were being controlled. Hidden behind the doors of power, an agenda to control the world was being planned and implemented by those who thought themselves superior to the natural races of this planet.

The choice of a faith to follow could apply to those who have made science their religion, where there is no god in the universe, no natural laws, no future beyond the one life in which one lives for a few decades. Materialism or the celebration of wealth, power and control over the more humble aspects of life, has also become a religion to many. These people can never be satisfied by what they have for their hearts are closed to the simple pleasures of life. They must surround themselves with more and more until they are literally drowning in material possessions, yet, even then, they find no pleasure or love. Their lives are empty of meaning, empty of hope, empty of love. To move through the walls erected by the poverty of this mindset would prove too difficult for many, so blinded are they by their preoccupation with self-protection, their fear of the unknown and uncontrollable forces of creation.

The current window of opportunity to ascend will remain shut for many of these individuals who are locked within an arid desert of their own making, but do not despair for them or judge them for their choices. Their souls have decided, most likely before their present embodiment, that these souls require more experience and learning in duality. Their time to ascend will come, when they can at last begin to listen to the voice within and to follow its guidance on the journey Home.

So, in the end it is the chosen ones who choose themselves and there is no judgment either way. And yet this period of mass ascension is so very unique that we encourage all the fence sitters to seriously take stock of their inner doubts and fears and to determine to release them to the angels, to the Ascended Masters and to God. To surrender to the will of God, not the will of God presented through a priest or teacher outside one’s being, but emanating from the heart of the Christ that lives in the heart of all people, will allow one to open up to the vast possibilities of a new life, one based on love and unity. This surrender will bring untold happiness and opportunities into your lives as you leave behind the last remnants of darkness and embrace the changes that come as you and your world are transformed back into your original beauty, grace and power. With this power which derives from your connection to God and your Higher Self, will emerge greater clarity of thought and creation, resulting in a life that is filled with abundance, harmony, peace, joy and love for all life.

With ascension and a return to her original state of purity, your planet will become a glittering jewel and centerpiece for this galaxy. Pristine and beautiful, her citizens united in their efforts to create a civilization worthy of such a jewel, the earth will attract many visitors and students to learn about your history and how you, as a people, overcame the darkness that invaded the planet so many eons ago. The dark memories will disappear but the lessons learned will remain to be taught to other people in other places how to learn to trust and to grow into galactic citizens. A golden age will blossom, culture and the arts will thrive, as people will have more time to create and use their gifts of expression.

The coming golden age of Gaia awaits your presence, your hand, mind and heart to join with your brothers and sisters, to create and embrace change as the period of transition gradually moves you into a place where life is more joy-filled and loving than you can even imagine now.

Relax dear ones, find your center, go into your heart and dream your world into existence. Discover that you are an individualized focus of god energy with the inborn ability and power of creation. Focus on what you hold most dear, for all life and it will happen. The power of creation will bring you what you need for your further soul development. Those whose hearts and minds are united in their desire to embrace change and the uncertainties that still linger will find their way to the new world, as it unfolds before their eyes. Release the fear and doubt and embrace the love. Feel with your mind, think with your heart, lose the judgment and see all through the eyes of a child, filled with wonder and trust.

Embrace the Way, of love, compassion and forgiveness for all, as taught originally by Yeshua and those lighted ones who endeavored to clear the Path for you. You are the ones you have been waiting for and your time of decision is upon you. Will you join with us, your galactic and angelic brethren, now at the feast or at a later date? We open wide our collective and individual hearts to receive you in our midst, as sons and daughters, sisters and brothers, wives, husbands and loved ones. Whatever you decide to do, we are always with you in the eternal Now. Look to the skies and you will see us there. Look within and you will feel us there. We are bound together by love and purpose. We joyfully await your presence at the table. May our blessings follow you wherever you might choose to go – We are One.

Our love and blessings go out to each and every soul upon this sacred planet.

Thank you, beloved Council of Nine.

Copyright © 2012-19 by Eliza Ayres. All Rights Reserved. Permission is given to copy and distribute this material, provided the content is copied in its entirety and unaltered, is distributed freely, and this copyright notice and links are included.

11 thoughts on “The Council of Nine: “The Chosen Ones”

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  2. Elizabeth, your posts continue to encourage and delight. You are very brave to interweave both your personal journey and experiences along with the inspired communications that you receive. I have reposted both of the September links, to Face Book pages where I think they will be well received. I do so in confidence that they have a purity and lightness of touch that many will find enlightening (all puns intended). Thank you indeed for the work you are doing and the way you are doing it. We are all deep in the forest at the moment – but have seen the White Stag with the Golden Crown – and are finding our way out again. You work is helping with this subtle alchemy I believe.

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