The Council of Nine: “Challenges of the Journey”

Wallowas from N. of Joseph

The Council of Nine: “Challenges of the Journey”

via Eliza Ayres

The past few days have presented many physical and emotional challenges for our scribe. However, as the month of September commences, the energies are subtly shifting and some of her physical energy returns.

Tonight, we would like to address the matter of communication with your guides and mentors. Even during her work period, our scribe has learned to keep in nearly constant inner communication with us, her guides and her twin flame. The past week, on several mornings, our scribe has woken up to find that she was communicating telepathically with one or more of her mentors. We would encourage each of you to discover for yourself this level of inner connection as it will serve you well during the final days and months of countdown to Ascension and the resulting disintegration of the 3D illusion.

Yes, Ascension will happen and is happening right now. As we have spoken of before, your physical bodies are undergoing a period of profound transformation as your cells, organs and other structures are changed from carbon-based to a crystalline structure. Since the physical body is the lowest vibrating of all your four lower bodies (physical, etheric, mental and spiritual) any changes are liable to come painfully to your attention. Thence the neck and shoulder tension, headaches, sinus issues, nausea and dizziness, tummy irritation / upsets, muscle aches and pains, general feeling of malaise and profound physical and sometimes mental exhaustion. Our scribe also experienced an overwhelming sense of fear and panic, which she did not quite identify with.

Our scribe is very accustomed to experiencing periods when she is obligated to step back a bit from outer activities and commitments (outside of work obligations) in order to allow her body time to adjust to the ever increasing intensity of the energies. After all, she has been dealing with these changes for over 25 years now. Tonight, she began to write out some of her earliest experiences with health problems related to ascension energies. We are now suggesting that, in one or another, she has been dealing with these energies since taking embodiment. For our scribe has suffered long periods of illness as a child, including one period of six weeks when her body fought off a strep infection contracted while at the hospital getting her tonsils removed.

The pollution and negative energies of this lower vibrational world have always presented a physical challenge to our scribe, as well as to other lightworkers, especially the children now being born as crystals. If it were not for a basically sound physical constitution, our scribe would have succumbed long ago and left embodiment.

Despite her physical challenges, our scribe has found a place within her high heart, a refuge where she can go to rest and recuperate even for just seconds at a time. As the polarities of the three-dimensional world appear to intensify and grow apart, this ability to center within will enable our scribe and others like her to keep calm and centered while standing in the midst of challenging events outplaying in the world.

Traverse to Angell Pass

In part due to her physical limitations, our scribe has also long given up on taking an active part in the world. While she works full-time at a job, she does seldom goes out, preferring the solitude and relative quiet of her home. She retains good relations with her co-workers and neighbors, but retains a detached point of view, preferring to withdraw into the privacy of her solitude. Long ago, she relinquished all connection to her blood family, through a combination of circumstance and personal choice. For quite some time she has understood that she would stand alone while the world changed.

This process of being in the world but not of it was necessary to allow time for working through personal and genetic karmic issues. Due to her strong commitment to her inner journey, she made choices to move away from old friends and family, to allow her to get to know herself better, alone. Although she has undergone periods of great loneliness, our scribe began to notice profound changes occurring in her consciousness and in her reactions (or lack thereof) to daily drama, in the media and in her own work and home environment. Of course, there are times when she falls into judgment, especially self-judgment, but she has learned to focus on her reactions and to release the judgment. Forgiveness and compassionate understanding have replaced judgment and anger in her world, much to her delight.

Very early on our scribe learned to follow her heart and to listen to its messages. While she has not always been comfortable with where it has led her, she persevered and continued to trust in the ultimate destination, reunion with God.

Understand that our scribe is a bit self-conscious with our focus on her individual process, but we use her as an example of one individual’s progress through the uncharted territory of her Underworld. In her and others like her, we see someone who has been willing to eschew “normal” human wants for material comfort and companionship for an inner journey that has taken her through pain, emotional and physical challenges and great loneliness, only to emerge finally into a period of quiet joy, balance and inner strength. Pioneers like her have carved out energetic pathways that are now allowing many other people to undergo transformation in a much shorter time period, mere days and months compared to years and decades. These seemingly miraculous awakenings are of course augmented by the ever increasing intensity of the cosmic rays hitting the planet and its alignment with the galactic core. However, much of these awakenings would not have occurred were it not for the hardy pioneers who came before.

In this process of transformation, humanity works as one Body. The pioneers who have gone first are like white blood cells that clean up the infection and allow the red blood cells and nutrients to reach the cellular tissue in order to start up the process of rebuilding. Together the community of lightworkers, especially the awakened starseeds, are opening the way for many thousands and millions to follow in their path. Our scribe has been just one of these pioneers, one of the first wave of starseeds, embodied shortly after World War II.

Our scribe is much wearied due to the extended length of her endeavors, so it is with great joy that we announce that she and her companions do not have long to wait until the victory celebration commences. As Gabriel told her many years ago, ascension is at the end of this phase of the story, her story, her last embodiment in the 3D world.
Ascension is also the next step for all who read these messages. Only those who have progressed far enough along in their own path to look beyond will read these and other similar messages and be able to comprehend what is being communicated, both in words and in light codes that are held within the words. For those who have eyes, let them see; for those who have ears, let them hear.

We encourage all of our dear readers to look at their own lives, to see how much they have changed in a matter of only a couple of years and to marvel at what miracles can be wrought with focus and intent, as more and more lightworkers awake to their missions and join together in lighted communities. Dream deeply, beloved sons and daughters of God. Love one another and especially learn to love the self as one who has willingly accepted the challenge of duality and has risen above the dense shadows to embrace Love and Light, forgiveness and compassion as their true being and goal. Cherish these last months and days in the third dimension, which will act as a stepping stone to the next journey for your soul.

We send many blessings of joy and encouragement to all.

Thank you, beloved Council of Nine.

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3 thoughts on “The Council of Nine: “Challenges of the Journey”

  1. I’m just smiling 🙂 !! My process has been very similar at its core, however I am very busy and involved with raising kids and interacting with the world in an everyday kind of way. I am very alone, too, but also surrounded. My place/purpose is like a bridge….and I try to write in an everyday way using everyday examples, with an everyday audience in mind….

    I have been re-reading The Tipping Point, and when reading it with “light-work” in mind, it describes the practical process of the spread of light to a T! In these terms, I am assisting with translating concepts to be acceptable to the mainstream …

    From the book: “Moores’s argument is that the attitude of the Early Adopters and the attitude of the Early Majority are fundamentally incompatible. Innovations (changes) don’t just slide effortlessly from one group to the next. There is a chasm between them. All kinds of … products fail, never making it beyond the Early Adopters, because (they) can’t find a way to transform an idea that makes perfect sense to an Early Adopter into one that makes perfect sense to a member of the Early Majority.”

    I am not sure why I’m writing this here (just following inner guidance, LOL) but you know how that goes.

    I am so glad I found your blog!!

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