Council of Nine: Inner Trust and New Directions

The Council of Nine: Inner Trust and New Directions

Via Eliza Ayres

We are the Council of Nine.  We come today to address some of the many changes coming into your lives.

For some of you, the concept of stepping into a world different from the one in which you were born is exhilarating; for other people, it is frightening.  Others only wish to escape the limitations of the three-dimensional density.  And then there are those souls who are dreaming their new world into existence.  Which reality calls to you?  Or is it beyond your present imagination?

We know there is some fear among Lightworkers that the New World doesn’t exist at all and can never exist – that it is just a collective delusion that a part of humankind has fallen into.  The “what if nothing happens on December 21, 2012, and then where will we be?” looms in their minds like a dark shadow.  The possibility does exist, but it does not mean the New World is not real.  We tell you that it exists in the ever present Now, in a higher vibrational frequency than where you currently live.  You are nearly there at the brink of understanding.

As our Scribe has noted recently, she feels differently today than even just a couple of months ago.  Although she lives a relatively quiet life outside of her work environment, she feels that there has been great movement within.  She feels more comfortable, confident and sure of herself, in contrast to how she once viewed the world as a child and even as an adult.

She can remember the first time that she ventured downtown alone when she was a teenager; she was very afraid—of what, she could not have said.  There existed more a sense of fear permeating everything around her although her life was normal enough, from the outside.  You see, one of her tasks was to take the fear and transmute it, through living through various experiences.  She learned to follow the urges of her heart even though the places where it took her made her sometimes feel “out there” on the edge.  She chose the way of the heart and walked through the dark valley and is now coming out to the heights of the mountain, where she can catch glimpses of the dawn ahead.  Now, today, she faces each day as it comes.  As the energies from the Cosmos penetrate the atmosphere and the very soil she stands upon, she feels the changes in vibration and is responding like a growing plant turning to the Sun, only her sun is the Sun behind the Sun, the great Central Sun.

What will you find in your world of tomorrow—whatever you can imagine and more.  A mind trained in linear thought cannot comprehend the complexity and the simplicity of what exists just around a misty corner – multidimensionality.  Today it is only a concept to you; tomorrow you will be living it.

We know what lies close to the Heart of our Scribe.  One day she had a glimpse of her New World and for her, it was a glimpse of “Home.”  Beauty beyond words, filled with color, scent and the feeling of being loved.  She caught this glimpse during an initiation she was receiving.  On the same day, she also received a quick vision of a beautiful Being looking at her with a glance of infinite compassion and love.  We can say now that this was a glimpse of her Higher Self.  And someday you will all meet your Higher Selves and know that this One has always been with you, guiding you and loving you without judgment.

Just yesterday, as our Scribe was looking into the mirror, she came to a sudden realization of just how much she has changed in her outlook in just a few weeks.  After being somewhat skeptical of being a crew member of one of the Galactic Light Ships, now she has embraced it wholeheartedly.  Daily she experiences inner conversations with her twin flame and other (as yet unnamed) crew members.  At night, she calls to be taken onboard the ships.  Although she seldom remembers the experiences, now she knows that it is real, for she has changed inwardly.

Our scribe has enough experience with inner trust to understand and feel that change is, indeed coming into her world.  From a place of fear, she has moved into a feeling of knowing and with knowing, she will move into her New World with joy in her heart.  Now she can remain calm, patient and peaceful as events unfold around her.  Her heart will remain untouched by the downfall of the structures of the three-dimensional paradigm because she now senses the new paradigm building up within her Heart, becoming more real with every passing day.  One day she will open her eyes and walk out into the new world and never look back to once was.

Before anyone of you can step into the New World, you need to do your own inner work.  No one else can do it for you.  There are those who can demonstrate how they are doing it, but they cannot carry you on their backs.  Each person is responsible for their own progress and process.  Some will find it quite easy and natural; others will struggle.  It is as it should be, for the soul of each individual makes its own choices on what it is to experience and learn before entering into embodiment.  So do not judge your progress against that of another person’s.  All will make the trip Home in the end, just some will get there before others.  And in the end, there is no linear time or deadline for the soul to meet.  To make the return to the higher dimensions is as natural as water flowing to the Sea.  When it is ready the soul will respond to the inner call.

The truth of the matter is that you have all created this process together.  Long ago, a man called Yeshua reminded his followers that “Ye are gods!”  His words were not understood then, but mankind has progressed much through experience since then.  Some people are beginning to realize just how powerful they are or will be when they have mastered the ego and emotions.  Our scribe knows what it feels like to fall off the wagon emotionally and to forgive herself for her lapses.  It is all a part of living in duality.  As the world ascends into the fifth dimension the mastery will become both harder and easier.  To prepare yourselves, we encourage the wayshowers to embark upon visits to the galactic light ships at night when your body is at rest.  There, in the company of your friends and family, you can undertake lessons in living in the fifth dimension, absorbing the information and sensations into your subconscious, so that the long disused portions of your minds begin to wake up again.  And you will slowly begin to realize that you, too, are changing from the inside out.  You will be creating your New World, first inside your own Heart and then for all to see stretched out in front of your feet.

With blessings and encouragement, we bid you adieu.

Thank you, Council of Nine.

Namaste, Eliza

© All Rights Reserved, Eliza Ayres,

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6 thoughts on “Council of Nine: Inner Trust and New Directions

  1. Taz, wow. I could have sworn they were talking to me! What an absolutely beautiful message. This really touched and resonates with me. Truly amazing. I love you all and again, I thank you for this Taz

    • Thanks for your lovely comment. Sometimes I don’t remember what I wrote, so it’s fun to go back and read the messages myself!

      Taz (aka Elizabeth)

  2. Elizabeth, your particular channel seems to always leave me in tears by the end of the message. This one is no different, and these are tears of happiness. Bless you, and thank you. I am glad to hear about the dreamflights… this is a gift from our galactic friends that just keeps on giving!

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