The Council of Nine: A Message

The Council of Nine via Eliza Ayres

Are you ready?


Then let us get started.

We are the Council of Nine.  We are only one of the many councils involved with assisting in the ascension of your planet, the galaxy and the Universe.  We have sent to your world many starseeds, one of which being our scribe.  This morning, she finally consented to becoming one of the channels through which we might communicate to the people of your planet.  This service will last until the majority of the ascending ones master telepathy and can communicate with us on their own.  For those who are still in the process of waking up, it is sometimes just easier to absorb the message by reading.

So now, many of you might be wondering, “What is the Council of Nine?”  We are a collective of voices from the Pleiades who have chosen to be involved in guiding and teaching souls who are nearing their own ascension and who are acting as wayshowers for others.  We are quite willing to share energies, by, as our scribes says, “to chat”, with those who go within.  We are guides and mentors, as well as a governing body serving to protect Gaia as the planet and her atmosphere are cleaned up of all negative influences.

We are also here to lend support to our volunteers, Pleiadian souls who are currently embodied on the planet, as incarnated souls or walk-ins.  Many of our volunteers have had numerous lifetimes on Terra in order to prepare themselves for this important transitional time.  Since we exist in the 7th density / dimension, we experience no linear time, thus our volunteers are able to experience simultaneous lifetimes in the polarity that has existed on your world.

As you are no doubt aware, polarity and all the structures of control and fear that have dominated your world for so long are now in the process of falling apart.  Alternative news sources daily proclaim events pointing to the fall of dictators, bank presidents, lawsuits against the Vatican, the weakness of the dollar and euro and other significant changes.  In your mass stream media you see the desperate acts of tyrants, bankers, politicians and other authority figures to keep the population under control, through fear tactics, disinformation, police and military actions and manipulation of markets.  All of these measures, so carefully planned for over 300 years, have fallen short of their expected culmination in a One World Government, controlled by the American and European elites.  These service-to-self individuals are now seeing cracks in the dam; their world is falling apart.  It was all an illusion.

So how can you, as a Lightworker and starseed, what can you do to stay out of fear during these tumultuous times?  Go within.  Simply go within and discover the world that awaits you there, through meditation, journaling, art, being in nature, doing those things that bring you joy.  In your own heart you will find a way to keep calm as the old world crumbles around you.  Stand tall within the eye of storm as the winds of change forever transform your world.

We will continue later…

Thank you, Council of Nine

© All Rights Reserved, Eliza Ayres,

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6 thoughts on “The Council of Nine: A Message

  1. Reblogged this on Blue Dragon Journal and commented:

    This is the very first message that came through Taz / Eliza from Lord Adrigon, Commander of the Pleiadian Fleet. He is also the Lord of the Pleiades and an Archangel in terms of Soul Evolution. He is also the head of many Councils including the Council of Nine. Taz had no clue about all of this and it wasn’t until much later that we put two and two together. You see, Lord Adrigon was also the Ascension mentor for Tazjma and through these channeled messages he was attempting to wake up memories within her being of her real Home, the Pleiades. There she was brought in the house of her Uncle alongside numerous cousins and foster children. She has returned Home successfully having completed her Soul Contract, one that was quite onerous and lengthy, having remained on Earth for a period of some 26,000 years, from the fall of Lemuria until today. For all intents and purposes, Lord Adrigon was her foster father during that other life. Open up to those who truly love you, dear starseeds. They love unconditionally and fiercely.

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