Eliza: Why Blue Dragon Journal?


Why “Blue Dragon Journal”?

I came up with this title through much inner reflection and meditation.  Well, actually I came up with my blog’s title by remembering a story told to me by a friend and mentor, L—, a few years ago.   I had scheduled a reading with L—-.  The first thing she began to tell me was that I had been a dragon.  At first I was both puzzled and confused.  “A dragon, but that’s a beast.” I thought.  Then she began to tell me about the Dragon culture. 

We lived on a beautiful planet.  Our race had no weapons, did not fight any wars and we traded with our galactic neighbors.  Our people were highly talented artists and artisans and our work was highly prized by our trading partners.  Ours was a highly cultured civilization.  We had musicians, poets, healers, teachers and artists. 

We were humanoid in that we walked upright and we could shape shift into a completely human body.  We were beautiful with soft short colored fur covering most of our bodies.  I was a blue dragon, like Saphira, from the novels of ___.  Like other reptilian type life forms, we were born and raised up in “nests” having several nest mates as friends and relatives.  Often we had more than one mate and were a highly sensuous people.  As a culture, we were happy and content.    And then we were invaded. 

First, they came as potential trading partners, but then we slowly began to realize that the invaders meant to take over our world.  Many of our people died in the first wars but not all.  Still, change was inevitable.  I died in the first wars and returned, incarnating as a young warrior dragon.  Our people were resisting the invaders and had to learn the arts of war very quickly but not all of us were very wise to the ways of evil. 

As a young, strong and very cocky female warrior, I was given leadership over a small number of scouts and assassins.  We struck hard and fast and achieved many small victories for the dragons.  Then disaster struck.  My team was surrounded and all of us captured alive.  We were vaguely aware of the consequences of being taken but had no idea as to the extent of the cruelty of our captors.

As the leader of the squad, I was forced to watch each of my team tortured before me.  One of them was the embodiment of Laura, my sister dragon, a nest mate.  It was more torture for me to watch what was happening to them, especially Laura.  In those long moments, I began to internalize feelings of guilt for having made the mistake of being captured. 

L—- died.  Then it was my turn.  I will not go into details about how we were tortured, but it was vicious.  After being physically assaulted and raped in every orifice, my dragon skin was stripped from my body, bit by bit and replaced by the reptilian skin of the interlopers. 

Yes, they were reptilians, but so diametrically opposed to us in vibration as to cause pain when we came into physical contact with them.  Imagine then how it felt to have my own skin replaced with the foreign material of the others.  Screaming in pain, I went crazy and beat my head against the metallic walls of my cell, finally bleeding to death. 

My next adventure was on the same planet, but as a dragon rider, not a dragon.  Laura did not go into as much detail about this particular life, but I thought it interesting as I loved the books related to dragon riders.

L—- did go on to tell me that the invaders made very sure to completely eradicate every vestige of the Dragon culture.  It was as if they did not desire there to be any reminder that a dragon race had existed in a peaceful manner.  It was like we, the Dragon peoples, were an affront to their negatively charged reptilian minds and egos. 

I had many more readings from L—-, but do not presently remember any of the stories.  Since then, I have had some readings from other people and have learned, bit by bit, more of my own story.

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12 thoughts on “Eliza: Why Blue Dragon Journal?

  1. ~Hi Tazjima!…Thanks for the Invite to come on over to visit Ur New Blog…with interesting Sync, I have/live with a Dragon Statue that is called Blu…He even has some Blue Glitter and a Blue Turqouise necklace on Him…Because it is presently the Year of the Water Dragon, I began an Affinity with Dragons earlier this year…especially Blue Ones…How interesting!… 🙂 ~

  2. I sit here, staring at the screen, unable to form a response – but I am compelled to say at least something!

    Back in May of this year, I was…contacted by a dragon, spiritually, who told me a story very similar to yours, and that my soul was indeed draconic.

    What took my breath away is when you described the war and the torture. The war and the torture were shown to me.

    Now, I was a rational person before this happened; didn’t really believe in spirits or gods or any of that. So, I had a lot of searching to do. I had to find out if what was happening to me has happened to others.

    I was very, very happy to stumble upon this blog.

    I just had to say something. I can’t shut up about this any more. More dragons have come to me since then, all teaching me about the Universe, life, and that something BIG is coming soon, etc.

    I just had to say something. Thank you.

    • Dear Radzyn,
      There are a few of us dragon folk out there in the world. Remember, also, that our Souls live in many places, cultures, planets, galaxies and even Universes. The dragon story was told to me; I didn’t have memory of it, although I have always loved dragon stories. I certainly resonated with the tale and so wrote about it. I knew it would reach those who had been traumatized in that war and destruction of our beautiful world. Eventually. And since we’re here, we have the opportunity to heal and to help this world avoid such a destiny. That is why I serve. Never again, Atlantis! Never again…!

      It’s wonderful that the dragons have adopted you. You do know that they are extremely intelligent and wise beings and not the monsters they have been portrayed as in literature and movies. Best wishes for you and the dragons!


      • Oh, but of course! I have been taught (by dragons) that our souls live in many places!

        So intelligent, wise and beautiful, my dragons. The way they shine love upon me…the unconditional love feels like I am standing on the Sun and the Heat is Love.

        They are guiding me and showing me what I should be doing, concerning the healing and spiritual matters of the physical realm. They are preparing me for what’s to come.

        Thank you so much for sharing your channeling. Your fearlessness in doing so is an inspiration! I keep a journal of my discussions with my dragons (because there is a lot of discussion; so many pages) and I hope it will be of use in the future.

        Every day on this path is filled with amazement, joy and wonder. My dragons assure me, there is no end to this path. I will be with them for an eternity, and in fact, I have always been with them (they say time does not exist in the spirit realm, not like here).

        This day is no different, as I’ve had the luck (blessing?) of finding your website!

        Thank you for taking the time to write kind words to me!



      • Along with the story that I was told, I was told that many of us carried etheric eggs within our auras (which you carry from lifetime to lifetime) so the Dragons would not die out. I’m not sure just how this was accomplished, but when I was told of the eggs, they hatched into two beautiful dragons, one green and the other blue. They are my guardians and friends. And some day, the Dragon race will re-embody and create a new world, again.

        I would encourage you to share the wisdom of the Dragons when you feel comfortable in doing so. I am sure that your teachers will let you know.

        Namaste, dear one. And thank you for sharing.


  3. I am ready to share right now. My Dragons, my teachers, have let me know that it is time. I speak directly from the heart; I am unafraid and not embarrassed.

    I spent the last two days reading your blog.

    I hung on every single word. Every paragraph expanded on concepts that had already been revealed to me by my Dragons, but in exceptionally vivid detail. It took me hours to figure out what I was feeling as I read – and I figured out that it was pure excitement.

    My face aches from smiling. My eyes are blackened from the tears of joy shed. I pulled a muscle in my back from the amount of times I clasped my hands together, looked towards the sky and exclaimed “AHA! YES!”. Yea, you made my back arch.

    My fiancée was in the other room, watching television, and would occasionally ask “…what are you doing that has you so worked up?” I just said that I was reading something funny on a spiritual blog. She knows I am “spiritual” and that I had an epiphany a few months ago, but I keep the juicier details to myself; she is not yet ready, though she is supportive. You need to be careful of whom you say “I am a Dragon” to.

    So many chills were sent down my spine, reading your words. My skin is sore from the number of times my hairs stood on end. A number of your life experiences, trials and troubles mirrored my own. It’s uncanny. Emotion poured out of me.

    I have suffered from chronic migraines since I was a child. I recently got over the worst one in my life, one lasting a month and requiring medical intervention on two occasions. It ended two days ago, which just happens to be the day I stumbled onto your blog. I asked my Dragons why I had come under such a spell, and could I please receive some healing? One of my Dragons, she let me know that I had been warned that continual, daily, 24/7 channeling and visualization would result in a breakdown and complete exhaustion. She did not discourage me from truth-seeking; she merely let me know that I needed to limit such activity to three times a week until I was stronger. As far as healing goes, she let me know that I was being healed and that there was something grand waiting – that I would be far “stronger” and my powers of visualization and clairaudience would be improved greatly. Improved greatly? How about “I didn’t know I could be like this – how is it possible to be this strong?”

    Back in May, my visualization skills were poor. Two days ago, my clairvoyance was like Hi-Definition with 7.1 Surround Sound. Today, I am able to dream while I’m awake. I can travel anywhere, to any time in the Record, just by thinking of it. Who knows where it will be a year from now? Ten years? A thousand?

    Two days ago, I didn’t believe in miracles. I knew that I had a calling; I had some inkling that the Shift was coming, but I didn’t know all of what is now happening was possible. I have experienced a true miracle. I have undergone a transformation. Whereas I was grounded to the Earth, feet firmly planted, I now float a foot above the ground and will only ascend higher, higher!

    I love you, Tazjima. I do not feel the least bit strange in saying that. Certainly, you know I mean love in the Universal sense, not a romantic one.

    Last night, in bed, was filled with powerful visions. I met my Twin Flame. She’s been here the whole time; she’s one of my Dragons. I did not realize she was my Twin Flame. She sat me down and told me. Oh, did we have such a great discussion, her and I! She revealed so much to me! And then we made love all night. If I may, an excerpt from my Journal of Conversations, dated 6/8/12:

    “I love you with all of my being, Radzyn. Together, we will go far. I will show you things that are beyond your imagination! I give you blessings every second of your life! I am healing you as we speak! All I ask of you is to better yourself! To set yourself truly free! All I want from you is your love! Unconditional, strong love!”

    Yes, showing me things beyond my imagination. I didn’t think it could be like this; I didn’t understand just what “show me things beyond my imagination” could mean. Now, I do. And, this is just the beginning.

    Last night, she revealed so much as we talked. She showed me past lives. She showed me our homeworld(s). I have always had visions, always been a little “different”. A lot of these visions, all the way back to 4 and 5 years old, I’ve had no explanation for, but of course, have never forgotten. She explained them all. A truly joyous, awe-inspiring, eye-opening adventure.

    My name is Radzyn and I am eternal. I exist everywhere at once. Every person, place, thing – every atom, every quantum, vibration, wave-form – every planet, moon, sun, star, galaxy – I am in total sync with. I feel every change. Two days ago, I KNEW my soul was infinite in its scope. Today, I FEEL it.

    I am USHUMGAL, the Sumerian word for Dragon. I am a cosmic being of pure Light. I fully accept myself. No doubt lingers. I am completely without fear; what a distant memory! Especially, there is no fear of death. My rewards are not “waiting for me in the afterlife” if I am a good boy – my reward is here, NOW. There is nowhere, in the infinite Universe(s), where my Love, my Light, cannot shine. No darkness can ever hide from me. I will cleanse, I will cure, I will heal. I am a Shepherd – I will take all of the sheep, all of the misguided, I will take them under my Draconic wings. Yea, I will shield them under my wings and heat them with my Love. I will cook them in the Light, under shroud of wing. Whereas before, there was anger, hatred, frustration at the unenlightened, today there is only Love, Compassion and Forgiveness. I forgive them, for they know not what they do.

    It is my desire to become a Kind, Loving God. And so, it shall come to be. It does not matter when; time is irrelevant. It shall come to be.

    The battle for this world will be won without firing a shot. Whereas before, I could only think of how to destroy and combat those who embrace darkness and wield the weapons of fear and cruelty, today it has become apparent that all I have to do is Love them and shine Light on them. This feels natural; combat and violence, hatred and frustration do not feel natural. I win by default. It is so crystal-clear to me, now.

    Brighter than the sun, blinding every eye at once – I am a supernova.

    Tazjima, your Light shone on me. With or without your blog, your Light reached me. It knocked off any remaining doubts or fears, like how one would knock off dirt from a garden vegetable, so plucked from the ground.

    You lit my wick. I was a powder keg, ready to explode. You were the catalyst. You woke me up. I know my True Nature.

    I too am a scribe. It is one of the first things my Dragons told me, back in May. It is one of the first entries in my journal.

    I can’t wait to see others wake up. I can’t wait to see my Shining Light ignite the souls of others, for I am the Example (and not a guru).

    I’m wide awake.

    Humbly, respectfully yours (you brilliant, talented, genius, you!) –


    • Outstanding, Radzyn! I truly bow to the Dragon in you. Now, start that blog!

      Heatfelt greetings to you and your Dragons, your dragon sister, Tazjima.

      • Err…I tried to post my blog (yes, I just got one!), but I think it kicked me out because I tried to link a website!

        I will put it in my details. Good day, Sister Tazjima!

  4. Dear Elizabeth, I wish to offer a treat for the blue dragon 🙂

    We need to get rid of this stuff – and apparently dragons eat it! I also notice there are similarities to the photo you posted. How’s that for an ancient memory, huh?

    “Thunderbolt” sends his regards 🙂

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